Monday, February 16, 2009

2.14 Acres

So when we found out last February that we were going to be moving back to LA, we immediately began talking and praying about where to live. We also began looking at houses. After six months of doing so and not finding anything we liked, we decided it was time to fulfill one of our dreams . . . BUILD! But where? When we went to LA at Thanksgiving, we looked at several pieces of land that were for sale and talked to the landowners. And then we found the perfect spot! We didn't even know it was for sale . . . and I don't even really think it was. But the landowners decided to sell it to us.

So now we are the proud owners of 2.14 beautiful acres of land in Grosse Tete, LA. The locals call the area in which we bought our land Bayou Blue. It's nothing but pure country. Here are a few pictures of our land.
You can't see our property line to the left or right in the picture, but this is the center of our 2.14 acres. It includes the trees you see in the background.

Just to the left of the "H" fence post, you can see an orange flag flying (if you look very closely). This is our property line on the left of our acreage.In the background of this next picture, you can see a fence on the right. This is our property line on the right of our acreage.This picture is approaching our property from the opposite direction as the pictures above. The fence you see is the property line on the right of our acreage.When I look at our land, I can hardly believe it's really ours! I never imagined that we would have such a beautiful spot to call home. Mason and Hannah Kate are going to love it! I can already see Mason climbing some of the trees in the back.

We are currently working with an architect on our house plans and will begin building immediately after we sell our house in MS.

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