Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Worth Waking Up For

Now this is the kind of snow worth waking up to see! My mom took this picture of the back yard during the "snow storm" (this really was what we call a snow storm down south!) a couple of weeks ago.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Snug As A Bug

Miss Hannah Kate came into this world expecting to be held . . . ALL THE TIME! And in protest, she really didn't sleep at all the first four weeks of her life unless she was being held . . . yes, even at night time! So I spent my nights on the couch just holding her so she would sleep and not scream. We tried everything . . . the cradle, the crib, the swing, the bouncy seat. I even rolled up hand towels and placed them under one end of the mattress in the cradle to see if she would sleep better with her head elevated a bit. That didn't work either. So by the end of four weeks, I was so exhausted. I was lucky to get three hours of sleep a night, which isn't enough when you have a Mason or any 2-year-old for that matter that you are chasing all day long. She finally started sleeping in her crib for maybe an hour at a time in between feedings towards the end of the fourth week. It wasn't much, but at least I wasn't on the couch.

And then Mimi sent Hannah Kate some swaddling blankets. We had tried everything and were willing to try anything! They arrived when she was about 5 1/2 weeks old. I wrapped her up in one of the blankets the first night they came. I nursed her and put her down around 9:30 that night. I, too, went to bed. I woke up and looked at the clock, when what to my eyes did appear but 2:00am! A quick calculation in my foggy brain yielded 4 1/2 hours since I'd put her down, and I hadn't heard a peep . . . so I jumped up and ran to her room to see if she was still breathing. Of course she was! She woke up about 30 minutes later. The next night I did the same thing, and she slept SIX whole hours before waking up to eat. That means Mommy slept SIX whole hours, too! It's now two weeks later, and, with the exception of two nights (one of which was last night!), she is sleeping 5-6 hours at a time now. Hallelujah!

Hannah Kate has a pink swaddling blanket, and she also has a green one with chocolate polka dots and bright green circles on it. When I wrapped her up in the green one for the first time, she looked to me like a cucumber . . . or maybe even a zucchini!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Play Days and Snow Day

Mason loves playing in his room with his GeoTrax train set that he got for Christmas.

Hannah Kate enjoys her swing and is all smiles in her bouncy seat.

Mason is sporting his new LSU cap that his Daddy bought for him after they won the National Championship game. Go Tigers!

At the end of the day, Hannah Kate finds her favorite spot curled up in Daddy's arms.When we moved her last spring, I was hopeful that we were far enough north to possibly see some of the white stuff during winter. I was disappointed when everyone told me it "never snows" here. Well, yesterday morning I was sleeping soundly (as Hannah Kate was sleeping soundly) when my husband rushed into the bedroom, stood about 2 inches from my face and excitedly announced in the loudest whisper he could muster that it was snowing. I jumped out of bed but was sorely disappointed when I peeked out the window to see snowflakes so small that they were almost invisible and no accumulation. No fun! Needless to say, I crawled back into bed. The flurries lasted not more than an hour or so. As the day progressed, I grew disappointed that I didn't get up and at least attempt to take a picture. So I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up my camera to find that Seth had taken some pictures. Now, he hates cold weather so he didn't go outside but took all of them from inside so they aren't the greatest. And you might have to squint a bit to see the snow . . . but we did have snow!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hannah Kate's Smile

Hannah Kate is now six weeks old . . . so hard to believe! She's finally showing a bit of her personality. She smiled at me the other day, and I was able to capture it on camera. She's smiling more and more these days.
She is growing and getting bigger and changing everyday. While I still see a little of the Bayham in her mouth, I'm beginning to see more and more of the Connell in her.

Mason is very fascinated with giving Hannah Kate a bath. He wants to be in on the action, just as he does with diaper changes, feedings and anything else involving Hannah Kate.

But sometimes jealousy rears its head . . . this morning we were playing in Mason's room with his train set. Hannah Kate was in there in her bouncy seat. I told Mason it was time for lunch and headed to the kitchen. He followed me and told me we should just leave Hannah Kate in his room. When I'm holding her, he often tells me to "put her back in her swing."

Of course, I really have no room to be talking. I've no recollection of this so I'm only going on what I've been told. Aunt Harriette lived across the street from us, and I would sit on the steps of our front porch many afternoons waiting on her to arrive home from work. She was loads of fun. She would take me swimming and play hide-and-seek with me. One afternoon shortly after Rob was born, she came over. I asked her if we could play hide-and-seek. Once she said yes, I supposedly told her that we should hide Rob in the attic. Again, this is only what I've been told.

And, yes, Mason does what all big brothers do . . . takes her pacifier out of her mouth, pulls her socks off of her feet. One day I caught him climbing up on the side of her crib. I'm certain that had I not arrived in her room at that very minute, he would've been over in the crib with her! He has attempted several times to pick her up. Not a good thing . . . so I don't leave him in the room with her unattended. But one day I'm sure he'll be the over-protective big brother . . . or at least I hope he'll be!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where's Mason?

A couple of weekends ago, Seth and Mason were playing outside. Seth came in and told me, "You gotta come see this." I never know what I'm going to get when he says that so I headed outside.

When we were looking for a house in Mississippi last year, one of the things I wanted was trees. Yes, trees. We didn't have any trees in our yard when we lived in Louisiana, and I wanted trees. Well, we got them! We have several trees in our front yard, and our property is lined with trees and tree-like growth in the back yard. And they aren't pine trees either. So you know what that means --- leaves! And more leaves! Raking leaves was part of our Saturday ritual (right before football games) every weekend in the fall. Yes, every weekend!

It had been a few weeks since Seth had been outside to rake leaves so they were piled up everywhere. He ditched the rake and opted to blow them into a pile with the blower. That's when Mason's fun began.

Seth has said we will not have trees in our yard when we move again. I beg to differ! I mean, it's just way too much fun (besides the raking)!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Merry and Bright

Mason and Hannah Kate sure made our Christmas a lot of fun. Children are such a blessing and such a wonder. Below is a glimpse of our family Christmas . . . but pictures truly can not capture the joy of so many moments.

One thing is for sure . . . Santa definitely left his mark this year!

Mason is absolutely fascinated with firetrucks. For two months, he asked us everyday if he could have a firetruck for Christmas. Well, Santa delivered . . . and so did several other family members and friends. I forgot the exact count, but Mason got at least five firetrucks before Christmas was over with. And he plays with every one of them!
Mason enjoyed riding his tricycle around the house. We moved it outside, but now we are waiting for some warmer weather so he can go outside and ride.
Hannah Kate was still a very sleepy baby at this point, but she did open her eyes for a minute during all of the excitement, and we were able to get a picture of her with her baby doll.

Thanks to so many friends and family, Mason spent at least three hours opening presents. He had a ball! While I'm going to try my best, I may not get thank you notes sent this year. So if I don't, please know that we so appreciate the gifts all of our family and friends bestowed on us.Hannah Kate is posing with her presents . . . a little girl can never have too many baby dolls!I had a hard time getting this picture because by this time, Mason was no longer interested in posing for the camera. But I think you can see it well enough to get the point . . . this was one of Mommy's gifts to Daddy.We went to Grosse Tete for Christmas. When we got there, all of the cousins were unknowingly dressed in Christmas red . . . perfect photo opportunity!

What can I say . . . even more presents!

This picture really doesn't do it justice . . . Mason is absolutely adorable in his new fleece camo!

Bright eyes!

Beau and Hannah Kate

Abbie and Hannah Kate