Monday, July 23, 2007

We're having a . . .

We went last Monday, July 16, for another ultrasound. Unfortunately, the lil punkin just wasn't interested in having pictures taken. The baby was all curled up in a ball with the hands tucked under the chin and feet pulled into the stomach. The baby was also facing my back. The sonographer (Pam) tried and tried to get the baby to turn over or change positions, but I guess the baby was sleeping and didn't want to be bothered. The heart, kidneys, and brain all looked good. She also said the baby weighed about 11 oz and was 6 inches long. The heart rate was 155. Since the baby wouldn't move, and Pam was having trouble seeing things, I thought perhaps she wouldn't be able to tell if the baby is a boy or a girl, but she said she could definitely tell. I asked her not to tell us but to print a picture, label it, and put it in a sealed envelop for us.

We went back to the waiting room while she did this, and Seth said, "It's a girl." I asked him how he knew, and he said Pam slipped up and referred to the baby as "she" after she found out what the baby is. I missed that so I wasn't sure if he was making it up or not. When Pam brought the envelop to us, she unfortunately gave it to Seth, and he immediately opened it. He didn't tell me anything though.

Since the baby was all curled up and wouldn't move, we didn't get any good ultrasound pictures. And since we were not able to see the baby's face, my doctor wants me to have another ultrasound in August. He wants to see the eyes, nose, and mouth. So hopefully we'll get some good pictures then.

Oh, and by the way, Seth can't keep secrets. We're having a GIRL!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mason is TWO Years Old!

We had a big week leading up to Mason's 2nd birthday. It all started on Tuesday when Pop and Mimi arrived from Georgia. Boy, did Mason have a fun time playing with Pop and Mimi . . . and play they did!
While Mason and Mimi were busy at play, Daddy and Pop were busy assembling Mason's birthday present --- a new playset! It took several hours over the course of two days, but the playset was finally ready to go. And then the rains came! It has actually rained everyday for more than a week now. We are not complaining though because these are the first rains we've had since we moved here! But that means that Mason hasn't exactly been able to play on his new playset as much as we want him to. He loves it and didn't want to come in the first evening we took him out there. I think he's going to spend many hours of play on it.
In between rain showers, we took Mason swimming the morning of his birthday. He loves the pool! We have a "toddler" pool in our neighborhood. It is only 1 foot deep, and Mason really likes the fact that his feet can touch the bottom. He had a big time swimming and playing with his pool toys.
When we got home from swimming and pulled up in the driveway, there was a BIG surprise for Mason on the front porch. He spotted it immediately, and, of course, I had to take a picture! Cindy (all of you know her as "my cousin who owns the flower shop") sent Mason a big balloon bouquet and a lot of candy for his birthday. It was taller than he is, and he could hardly carry the basket. He loves balloons!
That night we went out to eat at Outback. Okay, so maybe that was more for the adults than for Mason, but he sure did enjoy his bread, chicken tenders and fries. While I am not crazy about pictures of my pregnant self at this time, we did get a family picture (Mason's shirt says "Birthday Boy"). Besides, I'm rarely in any pictures with Mason because I'm usually the one taking all of the pictures!
The birthday celebration continued on Saturday with a fire truck themed birthday party for Mason. It rained most of the day, but we had a great time anyway. PawPaw, MawMaw, Aunt Ashley and Abbie came all the way from Louisiana for Mason's party. We had a cookout, and Mason blew out his candle on his cake all by himself. And then it was time to open presents. Abbie actually opened most of the presents for Mason. He just wasn't interested. After he opened the first one, he just wanted to play with it and didn't realize there were more where that one came from. He got a lot of puzzles and books. He also got a lot of toys to help him learn his ABCs, like the Leap Frog Phonics Bus and a laptop computer! Now maybe he'll leave my computer alone. He got several Mickey Mouse toys, including a flashlight, car that helps him learn his numbers, and towel. And since it seems like potty training is right around the corner, I wrapped up a potty chair for him to open. His MawMaw got him Elmo's potty DVD so I guess we're all set now. Abbie gave him a Spiderman scooter. He's been scooting all around the house and calls it his "bike." After all of his presents were finally opened and assembled (thanks to Pop and PawPaw), it stopped raining long enough for us to go outside so Abbie and Mason could play on his new playset.
I wanted to get a picture of Mason and Abbie wearing their Fire Chief hats, but Mason just wouldn't be still! So this was the best I could do.
And at the end of the day, Mason was pooped out . . . and I think everyone else was, too!
But after a nap, Mason was ready to play with all of his new toys. He spread his Mickey Mouse towel out on the floor (and the corners had to be just so) and made himself a pallet for play.

At the end of the day, I can hardly believe my LITTLE BOY is a BIG TWO YEAR OLD!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hot Dog!

When I was sick for eight weeks, Mason was given the opportunity to watch a little more TV than usual. On Saturday mornings, he would get up with his Daddy and eat breakfast. It was then that he discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and that has been his favorite ever since. His favorite part is the end. Mickey Mouse says, "What a hot dog day!" and he and his friends dance to the hot dog song . . . hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog! Mason loves this song so much that I actually had to find a CD with the song on it for him to listen to. He asks for it everyday. And he loves to dance, as you'll see in the video below.

In other news . . . Mason will be 2 on Friday! We are having a firetruck themed birthday party for him on Saturday. His Pop and Mimi are coming on Tuesday to stay with us for the week. He is getting a big swing set for his birthday. Pop and Daddy are supposed to assemble it next week.

My ultrasound is scheduled for July 16. Seth still wants to find out, and I still do not.