Monday, August 21, 2006

Play Date

Mason and Anna are best friends! Anna is not quite a month older than Mason. We go to church with Anna's family, and since Anna's mom is a stay-at-home mom (I actually prefer the title Domestic Engineer!) too, we go shopping together and have play dates every week. Last week Anna spent the day with us. It was such a joy watching them play together. It reminds me of the show tune . . . "anything you can do, I can do better; I can do anything better than you." They show off for each other and try to out do one another. My favorite thing is when they play the piano together. Mason will stand at one end and Anna at the other, and they bang away. It actually doesn't sound too bad.

Mason got some new shoes today. I was really hoping to wait until fall to get him some new shoes, but he is growing so fast that I had to get him some to get him through the remainder of the summer (which will be until December in LA!). He wears a size 6! I couldn't believe it. He skipped size 5 altogether. I just can not believe how quickly he is growing . . . and growing up!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Book Worm

The other day, Mason's Mimi asked me what Mason's favorite toys are these days. He loves stealing the balls from his busy ball popper and thinks it's the neatest thing that he can ride his car all around the house without any help from Daddy or Mommy . . . but his favorite toys are actually not toys at all. Mason loves books! His books are the first things he looks for every morning after breakfast. By the end of the day, all of his books are off of his bookshelf and on the floor, leaving Mommy with quite a lot to pick up.

Mason will come running to us, book in hand, and expect us to stop whatever we are doing and read to him. Of course, he has to be the one to turn the pages! I sit on the floor a lot (those of you with small children understand why!), and my favorite thing is when he comes to me with a book in his hand and plops down in my lap. He doesn't sit still much these days, but he'll stay in my lap for nearly 15 minutes uninterrupted if we're reading a book. And then he gets up only to go get another one!