Monday, January 23, 2017

According to Ellie: the inauguration


Last Friday I watched the new president take the oath of office.  There were several prayers during the inauguration, one in which the pastor asked God to bless the NATION or something of that effect.  Ellie was coming down the stairs right then and busted out with:

"NATIONWIDE is on your side!"

And I'll just leave that right there for you.

The only other thing I have to say about the inauguration is this.  I nearly freaked out (so much so that all three children came running downstairs asking me what was going on) when this image popped up on my television:
That handsome guy smiling right there on the left is my cousin Brian.  He was just re-elected to a third term in Georgia's State House representing District 111.  And that beautiful lady in the hot pink is his wife Lindsay.  I mean, I knew they were there.  But I was so . . . shocked . . . to see them so up close and so personal on NATIONAL NEWS at THE INAUGURATION that I couldn't even do anything.  The camera stayed on them for what seemed like forever, but it still wasn't enough time for me to grab my phone and take a picture.  Not to mention, I was so distracted that I never even though about rewinding my DVR to catch it again (until that bright idea hit me two hours later, but I rewound as far as I could only to find I missed them by three minutes!).  So I had to steal this picture from my aunt!

Back to Ellie . . . she came up with another one today.

On the way home from Sequitur, we were talking about my nephew's birthday.  Judd is five years old today.  So one thing led to another, and the kids began talking about other birthdays as well.  By this time I'd sort of checked out of the conversation.  But I checked back in just in time to hear Ellie say:

"I'd rather walk like a chicken than tell him happy birthday!"

(Please note she's not talking about Judd here.)

Walk like a chicken.

Walk like a chicken?!


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