Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hannah Kate's Solo

As promised, here is Hannah Kate singing her first ever solo last Sunday at church.

Here is what I wrote about her solo:

Again, Hannah Kate is not my outgoing, extroverted one.  Sure, she's been on the stage before at her dance recitals and VBS and even in Christmas programs.  She's sung on stage a lot.  But never a solo.  Never a lead role.  She sang Breath of Heaven.  That's not the easiest song to sing and definitely not one I'd pick for a first-time solo.  But that's what it was.  She started practicing at home about a month ago.  We banged out a few notes on the piano, but mostly she listened to it and sang along.  I'm certainly no voice or technique teacher.  I just wanted her to be herself.  I took her to church the week before the dress rehearsal so she could practice on the stage with the mic in her hand to get a feel for everything.  Seth had already told me a few times that he just didn't know if she would do it or not.  He knew she COULD.  But he didn't know if she WOULD.  

It was just her and me in the sanctuary that day.  She was SO NERVOUS.  The mic was shaking in her hand, and she was just a rocking back and forth.  After she sang the first measure, she stopped and two big ole tears made their way down her cheeks.  I started singing, and she was finally able to sing with me.  We practiced a couple of more times that day, and I tried to encourage her the best I could.  I also told her she had to stop shaking and rocking.  So I had no idea what was going to happen at the dress rehearsal.  The choir would be there, but they would be behind her so she wouldn't actually be looking at them.  But there would still be other people there.  I was getting nervous.  But at dress rehearsal, she walked up in there like nothing had ever happened and like it was something she does everyday.  And she OWNED it.  And you know what?  She did it again last Sunday with an audience full of people staring at her.  I kept telling her over and over to watch me, that it was only the two of us in the room.  By that time, she'd memorized the words, but she still had the book in front of her.  She decided about halfway through the song to look around a bit, except she never moved her neck or her head.  Just her eyes went back and forth, back and forth.  So funny!

I am SO PROUD of my girl.  This video may not seem like much, but it represents something huge.  Hannah Kate stepped out of her comfort zone for this one.  This morning at our kids' Christmas party at church, I heard Abbie ask her if she would get on stage and do it again.  I couldn't hear all of Hannah Kate's response, but I did hear an "I don't know."  So.  It was a big deal to her, and, just like Mason, I love how she stepped right up there with boldness an courage and did it!

Oh, and one more thing.  I meant to write this the other day, but I forgot.  At the very end of the service, Cole and Hannah Kate came up one last time for the final scene.  After they spoke their lines, they went and sat on the bench at the nativity scene.  "Baby Jesus" (a doll) was laying in the little manger.  I had the choir standing and ready to sing.  I looked over there, and Hannah Kate had nonchalantly thrown her folder down ON TOP OF THE BABY JESUS!  I nearly. died.  I was trying to get her attention without causing a commotion, and I was hoping the choir would just keep on going and not get lost in the music or wonder what in the world I was doing.  I finally got her attention after what seemed like forever and told her to get that folder off of the sweet baby Jesus.  And then I laughed.  

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