Saturday, December 05, 2015

8: Celebrating Hannah Kate

Eight years ago yesterday, my first daughter was born.  She turned my world upside down.  She was all ribbons and lace and bows and pink and princesses and diamonds and pearls.  She was smocked dresses and white cotton tights and dancing and baby dolls.  Since the moment she was born, she has passionately, yet quietly and thoughtfully, lived her life to the utmost.  She is strength and beauty and bravery and compassion.  She is fiery and witty and generous and kind.  She is quiet, but she lives loud.

Yesterday we spent the entire day celebrating Hannah Kate.  And eight.  

Her "day o fun" began at the movie theater.  They've been waiting several weeks to see The Peanuts Movie.  It was cute enough, I guess.  But I will always and forever love Charlie Brown's Christmas the very most!

Do you notice something unusual about this picture (besides the fact we're in a movie theater on a Friday morning BY OURSELVES)?  Daddy is with us!  Seth took the day off work to celebrate (of course, I guess that's what happens when it's December, and you still have 13 days of vacation you HAVEN'T USED yet)!

After the movie, we ate lunch at the food court at the mall.  That was Hannah Kate's choice.  Of course, she got Chic-fil-A.  And then we went to Area 51.

The kids jumped and bounced the entire hour.  Even Ellie jumped!  She never stopped!  She was the cutest little thing just bouncing around everywhere.  She's pretty fearless.  She jumped right off into the foam pits, too.

The birthday girl had a lot of fun!

Melt my heart . . . Hannah Kate is such a good big sister!  She takes care of Ellie and is such a blessing to me.  There are so many times when I just can't, but Hannah Kate does!  She encouraged Ellie and held her hand on the tight rope.  So sweet!

Hannah Kate chose my homemade meatballs and spaghetti, her favorite, as her birthday supper.  PawPaw and MawMaw came over and ate with us also.

And, of course, she chose Dairy Queen's ice cream cake again this year.  She gets that totally honest!

After cake, she opened her gifts.

Pop and Mimi gave her all things Secret Garden . . . a coloring book, coloring pens, the book, the movie.  She was most excited about this coloring book.  She's had her eye on those "adult coloring books" for quite some time, but this is her first one.  And I hope she'll let me color with her!

The majority of her wish list was American Girl.  PawPaw and MawMaw gave her several new outfits and a DVD.

Hannah Kate LOVES to read.  She's been begging for some new books lately because she quickly finishes whatever she can get her hands on.  Uncle Troy and Aunt April gave her a gift card to Barnes and Noble.  We gave her a few new books in some of her favorites series and also a 2016 calendar.  She is fascinated with calendars!  And this one she gets to color.

We also gave her one more gift.

Yes, we gave her a globe for her birthday!  She also loves maps.  We have several maps, but we didn't have a globe.  Now we do.  We've already had a lot of fun with it.

At the end of the day, it was perfect!  

Hannah Kate, I hope you enjoyed celebrating your 8th birthday!  You are so special, such a gift to your Daddy and me and to all who know you.  You are pure joy and sugar and spice.  I look forward to everyday with you.  I love watching you pretend and create and explore your world.  I love your giggles and belly laughs.  I love the way you take care of Ellie and play with Mason.  I love the way you love Jesus!  You are, and always will be, my best girl!

I love you!

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