Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Conversations With Ellie: Dance

This girl.  Cracks me up.  EVERY.  DAY.

Her new favorite thing is her dance class.  She asks to go everyday.  We finally got her to understand that dance day is Monday.  But when she wakes up on Monday morning, that's all we hear about!  And it's a long time from 5:45AM until her class begins at 3:30 in the afternoon!

And she's quick to show off her new dance moves to anyone who asks.  All of her routines end in a split (compliments of the big sister and cousin, I'm sure).  But this girl just loves getting dressed in her tights and leotard, loves wearing her little ballet shoes, loves everything about her little class.

When class was over yesterday, Miss J (her teacher) came up to me, and the conversation went like this:

Miss J:  I just have to tell you that Ellie finally talked today.

Me (thinking that she must not be referring to MY Ellie):  Finally?

Miss J:  Yes!  She hasn't said a word in class until today.  And she walked up to me and just started talking.  I honestly had no idea what she was saying, but I just nodded my head and went along with it.

Me:  Well, I was honestly concerned that she wouldn't STOP talking.  I mean, she talks constantly.  And she talks about dance all the time.  She loves to show off the dance steps she's learned thus far.  She's really enjoying it so I'm glad she talked to you today.  I just hope she doesn't start talking too much!

Miss J (smiling):  Oh, she's a great listener!  I enjoyed talking to her today, but she really is a great listener.

At this point, I'm convinced we are, in fact, NOT talking about the same Ellie.  And if we are, I sure wish this Ellie would be a great listener at home!

One of our favorite things right now is to have a conversation with Ellie about her dance class.  Of course, it won't be as funny to you as it is to us because we know the "back story" behind "dogs out" (apparently that's what they learned to tap their toes to, and she broke out in "dogs out" while we were in Walmart the other day, which was quite shocking and hilarious because I had no idea she had danced to it and didn't know at first where she'd heard it to know it . . . at least she didn't have any problem fitting in) and "hip hop" (she does not take a hip hop class) and other such lingo she uses.  But here Ellie is telling me about her class yesterday while we were waiting on Hannah Kate.

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