Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pictures From My Phone

It's been a sweet forever since I posted on the blog.  So I thought I'd post some of the recent pictures from my phone.

A few weeks ago we took the kids to eat supper at a hibachi grill.  The last time we went Mason was 3 years old, and Hannah Kate was an infant.  We knew Mason and Hannah Kate would enjoy it, but we weren't sure about Ellie.  I drew her attention to the other tables so she could see the fire before it came to our table.  As soon as our chef showed up, she  kept her face covered and remained like this pretty much the entire time.  Except for the moments she was in my lap and about to go over the back of my shoulder in her attempt to get as far away as possible from anything and everything at that table.
She wouldn't even move her hands for a picture.  At least she smiled.
Hannah Kate enjoyed eating with her chopsticks.
Mason enjoyed the experience.  He didn't necessarily enjoy the part where your mom finally has to make you eat the chicken you just watched the chef cook.  Because the pickiest eater in the world nearly died when he put whatever that sauce was on the chicken while he was cooking it.  After it was all said and done, Mason admitted he did like the chicken.  A little.
Seth had originally promised the children that we would get ice cream after hibachi.  But it was a chilly evening.  So we opted for beignets (French donuts) and hot chocolate instead.
He may not have liked the sauce on the chicken.  But he loves the powdered sugar on the beignets.  He was practically wearing it.
Hannah Kate had dance pictures a couple of weeks ago.  This is part of her ballet costume.  The theme this year is "Going Places."  So each dance pays tribute to a particular state or country or area.  She will be in three dances this year.  In ballet she is going to the Middle East.  In tap she is going to Colorado, and in jazz she is going to the Sahara Desert.
I grew up singing music from Brooklyn Tab.  So I was very excited when I found out the Brooklyn Tab Singers were in Baton Rouge for a night of worship.  It's been a very, very long time since I sat in the audience for a worship service and wasn't at the piano.  I must admit it was so refreshing!
This was the evening that Ellie fell asleep while I was blow drying her hair.  Yes.  Asleep.  As in I couldn't even wake her up so was sleeping so hard.  Sweet girl was so tired.  And it wasn't even late.  It was about 6:45.
Mason and I harvested (because I don't think you pick carrots . . . maybe you pull them?) my carrots.  I had thinned them out twice, but it wasn't enough so many of them couldn't grow like they should.  But they were good!
And then I sat down and filled in my March calendar (yes, I realize it is sad when my 70 year old father-in-law whips out his smart phone to schedule a meeting, and I whip out my pen and paper planner.  I just can not calendar on my phone.  My pen, paper and colorful stickers make me happy.).  I did this two weeks ago.  A lot has been added since.  I've already started on April, and it's just as colorful.  Busy, full days these are.
Ellie usually plays in the kitchen while I'm cooking supper.  On this particular day, it was quiet time for her babies.  When I turned around, this is what I saw.  
These two girls love each other so much!  They are sisters, and they are best friends.  Recently they love playing "school."  They also love dressing Ellie up and playing with their hair.  You can also see Hannah Kate's "bangs."  Last October she asked me if we could cut her some bangs.  I responded with a resounding no.  So she took matters into her own hands.  She cut some bangs so short that it actually took me several days to notice them.  I thought it was "new" hair growing in.  And so now here we are at this really annoying stage of growing "bangs" out.  They are only on one side though.  Let's just say she will never do this again.
And after sitting out last spring because the games conflicted with the days Mason was at therapy, he is so excited to be playing baseball this year.  We decided to move him to a different parish (county for all peeps who don't live in Louisiana) to play this year.  It's a bit more involved, and they take it pretty seriously, but I'm so glad we made the change. They've been practicing, and their first game is next week.
And tonight for supper we had deconstructed chicken kabobs (because I was just too lazy to actually put the chicken and veggies on the skewers only to have to take them off again) with mango salsa, brown rice pilaf and sugar snap peas.
So that's a little bit of our life lately.

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