Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Seven. Oh, how the years go by!

This sweet girl is SEVEN years old!  Her birthday was last Thursday.  Ellie and I went to school that day and surprised her with a little party in her classroom.  We had cupcakes with white icing and blue sprinkles and a Frozen character ring, ice cream and candy canes.  I'm sure the parents of all of her friends really appreciated my efforts when their child got home that day!
She opened her gift from us at supper time.  Of course, Mason has to exclaim, "Looks like a box of earrings to me!" 
And he was right.  We gave her a pair of pearl earrings.  She was so excited because she's been wearing the same pair of earrings for a few months now.  We figured out that her little ears are super sensitive, and she can not wear "cheap" earrings, not even sterling silver earrings.  So now she at least has two pair to choose from.
Her birthday party was on Saturday, which was also Seth's birthday.  We like to do everything at once around here!  We had chicken salad sandwiches, cheese balls, bagel bites, a veggie platter, oreo balls and pinwheels.  The punch was much better this time around, too!  There was only one kid who didn't like it.
So my favorite thing on the table this year was the oreo balls.  It was my first time to make them, and they were so super easy and yumdillyicious!  I put a little peppermint extract in with the crushed oreos and then sprinkled crushed candy canes on top.  Yep.  It just doesn't get much better than that!
And I loved these pinwheels, too!  I don't know what they're called.  I mixed cream cheese, feta, green onions and dried cranberries.  Yes.  I will be making these again soon!
One of the things that Hannah Kate was so excited about was that we invited a friend from school to come to her party.  They are not in the same class together, but they ride the bus together, and Hannah Kate talks about her all the time.
The absolute biggest surprise of my life was when I found out I was pregnant.  The second biggest surprise was when I found out I was having a girl.  She was due in December, which I used to think was the absolute WORST month in which to have a baby.  But after Hannah Kate was born, I totally changed my mind about that!  Having a newborn at Christmas that year just made it even more special, and I LOVED IT!  I wish everyone could have a December baby!

Anyway, I also promised that I'd always celebrate her birthday as her birthday and Christmas as Christmas.  I would never combine the two.  But this year I did.  We invited friends and family to "Hannah Kate's Ornament Shoppe" to make Christmas ornaments!  And I have to say . . . I really enjoyed this party!  I absolutely loved planning it, and I absolutely loved watching the kids make their ornaments.  The advantage of still having an empty, un-decorated foyer more than four years after you move into your house is that it's the perfect spot for ornament making!

The children each made two ornaments.  They could fill their ornament with glitter paint and then shake shake shake to make a really cool iridescent looking ornament, or they could fill it with all kinds of crinkle stuffing and sequins and such. 
Presley made a beautiful glitter paint ornament.
Abbie was so sweet to let Ellie help her make her ornaments.
My friend Melissa was such a big help.  She helped her girls, Addison and Erin, with their ornaments and then cleaned up everything for me. 
The girls enjoyed picking out sequins for their ornaments.  We had all kinds of shapes and colors, but the most popular ones were the Frozen themed ones.
Hannah Kate spends time everyday crafting something, drawing something, cutting something, pasting something.  I am not exaggerating.  You should see her room.  It's decorated with several Christmas drawings that she then colored and cut.  They are taped to her bed, nightstand and armoire.
Ellie was so excited that her friend Cali Grace was here.  She talked all afternoon about which toys Cali Grace played with.
I think everyone had fun making their ornaments.
And then it was time for cake.  Hannah Kate's favorite is a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  I introduced those to her last year.  They were always my favorite as a kid, too.
And when we sang "Happy Birthday," Hannah Kate even sang along and yelled her name really loud when it got to that part.  She did the same thing at her class party.

After everyone ate their cake, Hannah Kate opened her gifts.  While they were making their ornaments, the doorbell rang.  It was the mail lady.  She delivered a package to our door, which just so happened to be a box full of goodies from Cindy.  Hannah Kate (and Ellie) had the best time going through the box.  She sent a beautiful ornament and monogrammed scarfs, aprons and a matching holiday outfit for both girls.
And there were more gifts to open.  She received a lot of crafty things, which she has already enjoyed a lot.
And here is Ellie in her Santa apron.  She wore it the rest of the day!  She loves it.
Erin and Addison gave her a Barbie.
I was laughing because Presley is somewhere behind that big box Hannah Kate is holding up.
She received so many sweet gifts.
Seven years already.  Oh, how the years go by!

Dearest Hannah Katherine, you are one of my best gifts!  What an honor it is to be your mom!  You truly make mothering so easy (now can you please talk to your little sister about that and how she can and should do that, too?)!  One of my most favorite things in this life is watching you grow up.  I'm not at all sad that you are growing up.  As a matter of fact, I am excited.  I'm enjoying every single stage of your life.  One of the things that I'm most looking forward to is one day being your best friend!  I can't wait to go do girl things with you and talk about girl things with you.  You are so funny, intelligent, witty and smart!  You are sensitive, strong and confident.  My friend said it best the other day.  You are such a little lady.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord has some BIG plans for your life.  Always love Him, trust Him and pursue only His best for your life.

I love you!

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