Monday, August 11, 2014

First Day of School

Y'all.  I think this was the best "first day" we've ever had!  I've always said we've got the mornings (not that I particularly like being in my kitchen at 5:30AM making lunches because I am so NOT a morning person at all).  It's the afternoons that seem to be the hardest.  

This morning was easy.  As I was making those lunches, it seemed like just last week I was standing in my kitchen doing the same thing, like we didn't just have 11 weeks of summer.  Hannah Kate was up and ready to go.  Mason was up, but I think he had a few jitters.  He wasn't excited.  He wasn't not excited.  He was rather indifferent.  I really think he was a little anxious about meeting his teachers since he has different teachers than the ones we met at orientation two weeks ago.

They had biscuits and bacon for breakfast (because I'm determined to spend more time on breakfast this year).  The most exciting thing was putting on their new tennis shoes.  And then it was time for pictures.

I still can't believe my boy is in 4th grade!  This is his 5th first day of school!
And my 1st grader!
I took them to school this morning.  We went to Hannah Kate's classroom first.  She immediately found her desk and got to work.  I took her picture and then asked if she needed anything before I left.  She asked for a hug (be still my heart!).
Then Mason and I went to meet his teachers.  He has two teachers this year and will "change classes" three times during the school day.  I immediately liked both of his teachers.  They were so laid back and easy-going, which works really well for Mason.  It helps him to be calm, too.  I don't have a picture of him at his desk because he wasn't necessarily into all of that, and I didn't want to push the issue.

As I drove home, for the first time since Mason was in 1st grade, I was not worried or anxious about the day ahead.  I wasn't worried or anxious about homework time.  I wasn't worried or anxious about how Mason would do in reading.  I was so thankful to God for bringing us to where we are now, for bringing us through those really difficult years in 1st and 2nd grades.  I mean, here we are in 4th grade!  I was even excited . . . excited about a new year and new beginnings and new opportunities to learn and grow.  I  am excited to see how the Lord is going to work in Mason's life this year, how He is going to continue to lead us down the path He has chosen for Mason.  One of the most amazing things about being a mom is watching God's plan unfold in the lives of my children, watching my children grow in the Lord and learn from Him.  I just get excited thinking about how the Lord is going to use Mason in kingdom work.  I have no idea "what Mason is going to be when he grows up," but I know it's going to be good!

I have to be honest.  One of the things I was most looking forward to today was Ellie's nap time.  And do you know that girl would NOT nap today?!  That has happened maybe three times in her entire two years.  But it happened today.  We finally went outside to wait on Mason and Hannah Kate to get home.  They rode the bus home today since we didn't have therapy or dance.  I wish I would've captured Ellie's expression when she saw that big yellow bus coming down the road.  She was squealing and jumping up and down and waving as furiously as that little hand would go.  And then she took off running down the driveway.  Hannah Kate got off first and started running, too.  Ellie was screaming and yelling.  They finally met up together, and Hannah Kate picked her up in a big hug.
And, by the way, did you notice Hannah Kate's new kicks?  Her "new" favorite color is aqua and then purple and then pink!

Mason was much slower getting off the bus.  That was unusual so I was not necessarily thinking happy thoughts.  He took his time walking down the driveway, but I finally caught up with him.  Hannah Kate was already chatting away about her day and how much fun she had and how she likes her teacher and how she made some new friends and how she had homework.  She finally came up for air, and I asked Mason how his day was. He said he had a great day and that both of his teachers were really nice and that he didn't have any homework.  Whew!

We came inside, and the kids got a snack and something to drink.  Ellie was super hyper so I had to wait until Seth got home to do homework with Hannah Kate.  When he came home, he went upstairs and asked the kids how their day was.  Hannah Kate's enthusiastic response was, "IT WAS FUN!"  Even Mason responded, "AWESOME."  That's not the answer anybody was expecting to hear.  So Seth asked him why it was so awesome, and he again went on and on about his teachers and how nice they are (not to mention he didn't have homework . . . and he should also know by now that that won't last long!).  Again, I'm just so thankful for the teachers the Lord has blessed us with this year.

Hannah Kate was excited to sit down and do her homework.  It went very quickly.
And then I asked both of them to do MY homework assignment.  Looking at this . . . I wish you could understand . . . Mason did this all by himself and asked me how to spell only one word.  He didn't even ask me to read anything to him.  And his handwriting has improved leaps and bounds over what it used to be!  This just made my heart full.  I can only give the praise and glory to God for Mason's improvement and academic success in the midst of a very challenging learning difference.

Oh, and it seems like Mason's aspirations of becoming a dentist have taken a back seat.  Now he wants to be a baseball player.  I'm still saving for dental school!
And I can't wait to meet these "new" friends of Hannah Kate's!  I'm telling you, that's nearly all she talked about all night!  She seems quite the social butterfly these days.  And it looks like we might have TWO doctors in the family!
I always pray for Mason and Hannah Kate during their school day.  I've prayed many different prayers for them.  But this year I want to have several specific Scriptures that I pray over them each and everyday.  So I've been praying about that and asking the Lord how to pray for them.

This verse keeps coming up a lot during the past year, and it's really been pressing on my heart during the past two weeks.  So this is the first verse that's on my list:

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."  ~Matthew 5:16

That's my prayer . . . that Mason and Hannah Kate will shine for Jesus at their school, with their teachers, with their peers and that they will bring glory to God in their mission field.

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