Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday Favorite: My Ballerina

This week Hannah Kate completed her third year of dance instruction at Machita Dance Company.  I had the privilege of watching Hannah Kate's class dance this week at parent observation and awards day.  Hannah Kate was so excited to receive her very first trophy.  And this is Miss Lyndsey, her sweet teacher this year.
We watched Miss Lyndsey walk the girls through their warm-up and stretches.
Look at her pointing those toes!
This might be first position.  I can't remember if the arms are correct here though for first position.  All I know is this is how her ballet dance begins.
And her feet are called something really fancy in this picture, but I don't remember what it is.  Besides, even if I did I wouldn't be able to spell it!
I was totally not interested in ballet when I was a little girl.  I traded in my slippers for the piano as soon as I could.  But I love watching my ballerina girl.  And she loves to dance!
It's hard to believe that another dancing year is coming to a close.  The recital, Dancing With Cinema, is next Saturday.  And we are so excited that Hannah Kate and Abbie are in the same recital this year!  The dance company is so big that there's always a 1:00 recital and a 6:00 recital the same day, and each recital is about three hours long.  The past two years we have attended both recitals so we could watch Abbie dance, too.  But this year we'll attend only one recital.  Here are the girls with their awards.  Abbie has been dancing so long now that she's outgrown trophies.  She receives a charm now as her award, and she has several of them.
Hannah Kate's dance costumes are so cute this year!  She is very excited about wearing them and dancing on the big stage at the River Center.  Each class is dancing in tribute to a movie (thus Dancing With Cinema).  Hannah Kate's teacher chose The Little Rascals and Ferris Bueller's Day Off as their movies.  We are loving The Little Rascals, as Mason and Hannah Kate have seen the movie several times.  This will be her ballet dance.  I nearly lost it watching them practice this week.  They're dancing to You Are So Beautiful to Me (Joe Cocker's version, not Alfalfa's.  Although Mason was hoping otherwise and has had many laughs about this.).  And, of course, since my eye is fixed now, I no longer carry kleenex with me everywhere I go.  And I didn't have any.  So I nearly bit a hole through my bottom lip in my attempt to hold it together.  Because my darling little girl is just all grown up now.  I'll need waterproof mascara and kleenex for the recital!  Her tap dance is to Twist and Shout, and it is so fun!

This girl.  Just all grown up now.  Her recital and kindergarten graduation are all in the same weekend with Mother's Day sandwiched in between.  I might as well just carry a whole box of kleenex with me!

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