Thursday, April 03, 2014

97 Birthdays

MeMama celebrated her 97th birthday last Saturday!  97 years old!  And she celebrated with a little party.  Look how pretty she is!
I've talked about MeMama a lot and shared some of my sweetest memories with her on her 95th birthday.  And, of course, you know I'm looking forward to 100!  I told Seth this past weekend that we will all be at that party no matter what!

MeMama has two daughters, my Aunt Gail and my mama.  
MeMama has four grandchildren (me, Rob, Kerry and Cindy).  She has eleven great-grandchildren (Mason, Hannah Kate, Ellie, Jones, Judd, Whitney, Ryan, Brian, Brandy, Eli and Aaron), six great-great-grandchildren (Hannah, Gavin, Matthew, Jacob, Callie and Jackson) and two more great-great-grandchildren on the way!  Since Aunt Gail is 12 years older than Mama, Rob and I are actually closer in age to the greats.  Here is MeMama with some of the greats and great-greats, along with Rob (far left holding Jones) and his family.
These are the times that I really miss my family, miss living close to them.  I feel like I miss out on A LOT.  And the two times a year that I do get to go visit, it's nearly impossible to see everybody and do everything because it's just so much.  But when we finally do get to see each other a visit, it's like there really isn't all that time and space between us after all.

I seriously can not imagine being 97 years old!  I wonder how different the world will be, the advances in technology and transportation and medicine . . . I don't know that I'll find out, but I'll bet MeMama never thought she'd celebrate 97 birthdays either! 

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