Monday, January 27, 2014

A Second Chance

Second chances.  I'm so grateful for second chances!  I mean, I need third and fourth and hundreds of chances!  Especially from my children, my husband, my Lord.

And it looks like Louisiana is getting another chance at this snow and ice and freezing rain thing.  Because obviously it was handled like a champ last Friday!  I mean, interstates and bridges closed for 36 hours, my husband went around Louisiana and back in a mere 8 hours on his commute home from work (Do you realize he could've driven to my parents' house in that amount of time?), offices and schools and businesses were closed.  And we're going to do it all again tomorrow and Wednesday! 
Only now they're predicting it to be much worse.  

So far, problematic and unique are two of my favorites the weatherman has used in describing this "winter storm."  They're even calling for snow amounts in excess of two inches and sleet and freezing rain accumulations of a quarter inch or more.  So we'll see.  Either way, I have to admit I do look forward to snuggling up with my three babies these next couple of days since school has already been cancelled tomorrow and Wednesday.  And you'll be happy to know that Seth left early this morning to go out of town for a series of meetings this week.  I sure wish he was here with us, but I'm thankful to know that he should be safe and sound and not traveling around the world and back trying to find a bridge that's open!

In the meantime, we'll see what happens the second time around!

Oh, and did you notice that we'll at least enjoy temps in the 70s this weekend?

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