Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time to Dance

Hannah Kate was so excited today to finally don her tights and leotard.  It was her first dance lesson of the new dance year.  Her ballet slippers and tap shoes from last year no longer fit, and all the hand-me-downs we were given were too small also so I took her yesterday to get new dancing shoes.  She also picked out a new leotard and skirt.

I was combing through the rack at the dance store and pulling out several leotards for her to look at.  The rack is "strategically" placed where she, too, can see all of the leotards and dance outfits.  So she was going through each one as well.  I showed her the ones I had picked out, but I could tell she was not impressed.  I wasn't sure why.  They were not over-the-top, but they were a little more than simple.  She tends to lean towards over-the-top sometimes so I usually have to offer some very specific guidance and suggestion.  I was very surprised when she pulled out a plain leotard.  There was nothing on it, not even a skirt.  I asked her if she was absolutely sure that was the one she wanted, and she was adament.  And then she showed me the back of it . . . she was so excited . . . she wanted it because it has a "bow" in the back.  When we came home with it, she took a picture of it with her camera.  And then she asked me to be sure to take a picture of the back of it, too.
She picked out a simple skirt to go with it, although the skirt does have a little rhinestone detail on the front of it in the center of the waist.  So she was really excited about that, too.  And, of course, she wanted to pose . . . my beautiful ballerina!
Hannah Kate enjoyed her class today, but we have been moved to a Thursday class so we'll be back on Thursdays again this year.  She'll be in the same class as most of her friends from last year.  I thought I would like dance class earlier in the week being that Thursdays are my worst days.  That's the day I seem to be the most tired.  But the advantage of Thursdays is that there is less homework than the other days of the week so I think that actually works in our favor. 

Due to the new school schedule, I have to go pick Mason up from school on dance days because he would not get off the bus in time for us to make it to dance.  So I have to leave here at 2:45 to pick him up in the carpool line.  After I pick him up, we drive the 15 minutes or so to the dance studio, which means we have an hour to wait before Hannah Kate's class starts.  She then gets out at 5:30.  So by the time I came home, fixed supper for Mason and Hannah Kate, nursed Ellie, navigated bath time for three children, finished homework, nursed Ellie again and put the biggies to bed, it was after 9:00 before I had an opportunity to eat supper.  That's a really long afternoon and evening, especially for a Thursday.  But I'm going to figure it out, and I think I'll be glad her class is on Thursdays again this year.  My main concern was really Ellie.  But she actually slept the whole entire time.  Ellie is teaching me that I really don't need to worry about her.  She always seems to do whatever it is I need her to do.

As much as I miss the laid-back ease of summertime, I do look forward to all of the school and extra-curricular activities that Mason and Hannah Kate are involved in.  I can't wait to see Hannah Kate's costumes for this year's recital and find out what music she'll be dancing to.  I can hardly believe this is already her second year of dance lessons.  Time seems to escape me so quickly these days.  These children are growing up right before my eyes.  I feel like if I even so much as blink, I'll miss something.  I'm trying to savor every moment and every memory.  In the meantime, it is time to dance. 

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Debbie Willis said...

my sweet Julie, what if you packed a picnic snack for the hour before HK's class? That would give everyone a little pick-me-up and I know you could do something healthy that wouldn't spoil their supper (you might be able to get a jump on the supper fixing while you do the snack?) I love reading your blog. You are just the sweetest little mama ever.