Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ellie: One Month Old

Dearest Ellie,

You are one month old today!  I can hardly believe it . . . it seems like you have always been with us.  Yet it seems like just yesterday you were born!  You are the perfect addition to our family!  Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself to be sure this isn't just a dream.  You have been our dream come true!

At one month old, you are wearing a size 1 diaper.  You smiled at me for the first time last Sunday and have done so several times since.  I'm still waiting to capture that sweet smile on camera though.  Your new thing this week, besides the occasional smile, is blowing bubbles.  You went on your first outing last Sunday (not including doctor's appointments and grocery shopping).  I took you to church.  You were definitely the center of attention, and we were welcomed with such excitement.  You slept through the entire worship service.  You are such a sweet baby, so happy and so content most of the time.  You sleep a lot!  You nurse a lot, too.  During the day, you're still nursing every two hours.  At night time, you are able to go a little longer.  Two nights ago, you even slept seven hours without waking up to nurse!  You just might be sleeping through the night pretty soon.  But even if you don't, I don't mind.  As soon as you nurse, you go right back to sleep.  You love sleeping in your cradle.

When you were first born, your daddy and I both said you looked like Hannah Kate.  While you still favor your big sister, I've also come to see a lot of Mason in you during the past couple of weeks.  But the one thing that sets you apart from both of them is your mouth.  You still love to suck your bottom lip up under your top lip.  I just love it when you do that!
You have the bestest big brother and big sister.  The first thing Mason does everyday when he gets home from school is look for you.  He is also the first one to rock you in your bouncer seat if you are fussy, and I can't come right away.  He loves to hold you.  You always seem to just melt in his arms.  And he smothers you with kisses every night at bedtime.  Hannah Kate must tell me a million times a day, Ellie is just so CUTE!  She is so anxious to share her room with you.  She talks often about teaching you how to write your name and playing dolls with you.
Our first month with you has been pure bliss.  There is nothing else I'd rather be doing, no where else I'd rather be that at home with you and your brother and sister.  I love the three of you more than you'll ever know, more than I ever thought possible.  What a blessing you are!

I love you.


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