Thursday, May 03, 2012

Our Baby Ballerina

So we arrived home from the beach last Thursday just in time to throw a load of clothes in the washing machine and then go to Hannah Kate's parent observation and dance awards night.  The girls weren't dressed in their recital costumes, but they did have the opportunity to perform their recital dances for us.

Hannah Kate's class is dancing their ballet to The Wedding Dance.  Her class is the flower girls and one of the older ballet classes is the brides and bridesmaids.  Here is Hannah Kate holding her bouquet.
And here the "baby ballerinas," as Miss Machita calls them, are lined up and waiting their turn. 
I took several pictures as the ballet progressed. 

And then it was time for their tap routine.  This is Hannah Kate's favorite.  I was really hoping that she would love ballet.  She likes ballet.  But she loves tap.  Maybe it's the shoes.  I don't know.  Or maybe it's the fact that she gets to dance with her daddy.  They dance to George Strait's I Just Wanna Dance with You.  So here they are lining up and waiting on the music to begin.  Their hands are on their heads because they actually enter the stage with cowgirl hats on, and they are holding their hats with one hand while the other hand is propped on their hips.
And this has to be her most favorite dance move of all time.  She doesn't show-off much at home, but when she does, this is what she does.  Not to mention, I think that's the biggest smile she had all night.  Of course, at this point, she still wasn't feeling well.

And then it was time for the dads to join their girls.

The girls exit the stage on top of their daddy's shoulders.  I think Hannah Kate really likes that part, too!
After their dances, the ballerinas were presented with their awards.
And, of course, with each award came a hug from Miss Machita.
Here's Hannah Kate with Miss Machita and Miss Jillian, her tap teacher.
Hannah Kate is most excited about wearing her costumes and dancing on the big stage this Saturday.  And Seth just might be as excited as she is.  Really.

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Beyond precious!
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