Tuesday, May 22, 2012

At the Ball Park

Since I last blogged about Mason playing spring ball, it seems several things have changed.  And for the better, I might add.  Now the umpire keeps track of of the pitch count.  It's not exactly three-strikes-and-you're-out, but the game does go faster now.  He also calls outs, which means you have to hustle to the base (or maybe not depending on how well the team can throw and catch the ball!).  The teams then swap after three outs or six run, whichever comes first.  These pictures were taken at last Tuesday's game.  Mason had a really good game that day.  He started out playing 2nd base.
I guess 2nd base got kind of boring.  He resorted to kicking dirt around the base.
He had three at-bats and made it on base every time.  Two of his hits even made it to the outfield.

He's on 1st base, waiting for his teammate to hit the ball so he can take off to second.
He finally runs the bases and makes his way to home plate.  He loves running home.  I think deep down inside he really wants to "slide" home, but he hasn't quite figured out how to do that yet.
And then the next time in the outfield, he was on 1st base.  He'd been begging his coach to play 1st base.  Seth and I had both explained to him that if he played 1st base, the ball would be thrown to him every time it was hit, and he would need to catch it or try to catch it.  That would be the part of baseball that he isn't too interested in.  All he wants to do is bat.  But here he is braving it out on 1st base.

And here he is bring to catch the ball.  I think it's hilarious but oh so cute . . . he wants to catch it, he really does.  But that left hand is up there for good measure because he's really scared to death that the ball is going to hit him!
He had another game last night and played 2nd base again.  He got a workout!  The opposing team had some heavy hitters and most of the balls sailed right over 2nd base into the outfield.  So Mason would take off running every time.  There was one hit that he almost caught, but he ended up turning his head away at the last minute and just throwing his glove up there, hoping it would make contact, but he just barely missed it.  The most important thing though is that he is having fun.  And I love watching him have fun!

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