Friday, April 13, 2012

With Flying Colors

So I went back to the doctor's office yesterday morning for the dreaded 3-hour glucose test. Having nearly starved myself during the past 36 hours, I was surprised when my first reading was 10 points higher than my first reading on Tuesday. Obviously, I was not off to a good start. And then I had to drink twice the amount of that yucky stuff that I did on Tuesday. And then the waiting began.

Hannah Kate and I claimed a small corner of the waiting room and pulled out our coloring books, crayons, books, leap pad, magazines, Bible study lesson . . . because I'm not one for wasting time, particularly when I can multi-task.
An hour later I had my first test. My level had to be lower than 180. It was 150. So far so good. And then we waited for another hour. My second reading had to be lower than 155. It was 130. At that point, the nurse told me I was done and could go home. Leave it to me to question why I didn't need to stay for the third hour of the test . . . it's not like I wanted to . . . but I asked anyway. She said my level was already lower than it needed to be after that third hour and that it was obvious I would pass the test. With flying colors, I might add.

So we packed up our stuff and left, and that was that!

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