Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Slow and Steady

Didn't someone once say something like, "Slow and steady wins the race?" I have to admit . . . I'm not a fan of slow. At all. So when we left to go to Georgia for Thanksgiving, here's where we were:
When we returned home a week later, there was definitely some progress. At least we now had scaffolding in the living room. But other than that, all I can say is that it's been slow. Real slow.

But I had a moment yesterday when I realized it's just alright. The job is getting done. And, one day, it will be done. Finished. In the meantime, I'd already told my guy I'd really like him to be done by this weekend since Hannah Kate's birthday party is on Saturday. He told me yesterday that he planned to be finished on Thursday so I'd have Friday to clean everything up and get it all back in its place. Now . . . I'm generally an optomist. And that should've been a sweet sound to my ears. But, more than that, I'm a REALIST. And the reality of the situation is that I didn't really believe him. And . . . honestly . . . after today, I still don't. He didn't get quite as far as he needed to so now he's "behind." But that's okay.

Here we are today:

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