Friday, September 23, 2011


There aren't any funny stories or notable anecdotes to share today. During the past month, the days just continue to pass on by as we settle into our routine for 1st grade. It really did take us about a month to get back into the swing of things, to get used to getting up early and spending a lot of time on homework and studying. I never really knew there was a such thing as studying for 1st grade, but now I know!.

I guess I need to take that back. Actually, there is a really funny story. Sort of. I guess it would be memorable more than it would be funny. And I do plan to share. But not today.

I have to say I sure am proud of my boy! We got mid-term grades last week, and he had all A's and a C in reading! I also have to say that when I was in school, that C was a B! It seems than an 82 is now a C. Since when did that happen? Besides, he's only two points away from that grade being a B so I bet it'll definitely be a B when report card time rolls around. His favorite subject continues to be math. And his least favorite subject is handwriting. So you can imagine what it's like each afternoon when we have to write spelling words three times each. I think he's a little bummed that 1st grade isn't quite as fun as kindergarten was, but we've have a really good two weeks now so hopefully it'll be smooth sailing the rest of the year.And my girl continues to enjoy her dance class. She's finally been showing us a few of her new moves. They consist of the bunny hop and toe taps. But it's a start. A couple of days ago, I walked in on her dancing. She was embarrassed and immediately stopped when she saw me, but I did manage to get a picture . . . To say that it's been "life as usual" probably isn't a very fair statement. I'm probably on the upside of a valley of discontent, perhaps even a valley of discouragement. But it's in those times, I think, when the Lord does His sweetest work. It's in those times that I feel like I truly catch a glimpse of His vision for my life.

Sometimes, in the pride and selfishness of my heart, I just want to be a rock star. I just want to "do" something "great" for the Lord. I want to be . . . famous for something. My life is anything but glamarous. And as many times I think . . . I sure would like to do *fill in the blank* . . . or I sure would like to be *fill in the blank* . . . I am reminded that I am right where God wants me to be. And that's when the dissatisfaction creeps in, the discouragement. But, really, God? HERE? Isn't there something MORE? Can't I do something else? Just use me for something great . . . pretty please?!?

And then I was reminded . . . there's a six-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl who think I am a rock star. And there's another 17-month-old who (I think) thinks I'm pretty cool, too. And, for me, that's what it's all about right now. How can I truly have a burden to "reach the world for Christ" if I do not have a burden to reach my children for Him? So. Besides Christ, may that be my passion.

O God of the highest heaven,
occupy the throne of my heart,
take full possession and reign supreme,
lay low every rebel lust,
let no vile passion resist thy holy war;
manifest thy mighty power,
and make me thine forever.
Thou art worthy to be praised with my every breath,
loved with my every faculty of soul,
served with my every act of life.
~Puritan Prayer

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