Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I need a makeover.

Well, just like everything else in my life these days, my blog needs a makeover. In my feeble efforts to correct a problem I was having with the background, I just obviously messed the whole entire thing up, and nothing is where it is supposed to be, and I can't get anything to where I want it to be. Sounds like the story of my hair!

I'm growing it out again so I can wear it curly / wavy since that's all it wants to do anyway, and it takes much less time, but it's in the "in between" stage right now, and it's driving me crazy. I would love some highlights again, but I despise roots, and I don't have time to go for a touch-up as often as I need to.

Today's high was 80 degrees! Now, don't get me wrong. I worked up a nice little sweat this afternoon working in the yard, but compared to what we've been having since the end of May, this is a dream! Even though we were still in shorts and t-shirts today, I raided closets to see what the options are for fall wear. Mason and Hannah Kate have none, as they've outgrown everything from last year. I'm quite disappointed in myself. Usually I "stock up" on cutesy smocked and boutique outfits at the end of the season when they're on sale, but I have only one smocked outfit for Hannah Kate to wear this fall that I got on sale sometime last year. And I walked in my closet and then turned around and walked right back out. Let's just say this stay-at-home mom doesn't exactly stay on top of the latest fashion trends. You certainly won't find them in my closet!

And so this post is just full of wisdom and wit today. The whole point is . . . I think I'm about to get a blog makeover! Maybe my hair will follow. But I doubt it.

***UPDATED 10 SECONDS LATER*** So when I published this post, all of a sudden everything was back where it belonged. Let's see how long that will last.

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