Thursday, February 10, 2011


Earlier this evening, I was multi-tasking in the worst kind of way. I was trying to finish an applique for a monogram order, get my make-up on, pull the left-overs out for Seth and finish my salad for the women's ministry meeting at church tonight. Seth and Mason were upstairs in the playroom playing the Wii. Hannah Kate was, as usual, right by my side. She loves it when I "do fabric," as she calls it. She likes to pick up my scrap pieces, cut them and "cook" with them in her play kitchen.

I was trying to watch my embroidery machine while putting my make-up on at the same time. Hannah Kate had picked up my fabric scraps and asked for my scissors. I told her that she could not use them because I needed them again shortly. So she went to the drawer and pulled Mason's scissors out so she could cut her fabric. She put all of her pieces in her pot, and I didn't see her for awhile.

I was not worried.

I should have been.

Several minutes later, I heard Seth come down the stairs. Then he's asking me, "Did you do this?" Did I do what? I have no idea what he's talking about. I'm really not too concerned; I'm just trying to get my make-up on for the millionth time. He walked into the bathroom and holds out a hand full of blonde locks and asks again, "Did you do this?"Then the conversation goes like this:

Me: What is that?!? (I know good and well what IT is!)

Seth: I don't know. I guess it's her hair.

Me: No! Why would I do that?!? Where did you find that?!?

Seth: At the bottom of the stairs.

Us: (in our outside voices, of course, and me fearing the worst) HANNAH KATE!

It takes several minutes . . . she knows she's in trouble . . . but she finally appears. Seth is combing his fingers through her hair and saying, "I don't see where it came from." Well, I did. Immediately. Obviously, Hannah Kate decided she wanted bangs.I still haven't decided how I feel about this . . .


Nicole said...

So funny!!! They will grow back fast:) Love the story..

Nan Calcagno said...

The Joys of parenthood

Mama said...

Oh, my goodness. Many a Momma has had this to happen! That or either gum embedded in the hair to the point that a cut is absolutely necessary.