Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Week in Review

Things happened so quickly this week that I could hardly keep up! All of the doors and windows (except the master bathroom) are installed. Mr. Joey worked everyday pulling wire with Seth helping him after work and on weekends. The AC units are in place, and most of the duct work is done. The bath tubs were delivered, and the plumber began roughing in the pipes.

WINDOWS AND DOORS The front door is a beautiful piece that literally fell into our hands. It was originally made for another house, but the dealer and the contractor had a disagreement, and the dealer decided to sell the door to someone else in an effort to just get rid of it. It "just so happens" that we made a phone call to a millworks store in Baton Rouge on the day that the doors arrived for re-sale. It also "just so happens" that the door is the exact size we needed! And so we bought it at half-price! It is made of fir wood. The other sets of French doors are made of Spanish cedar. They, too, are beautiful. And they really aren't French doors; they're made to look like French doors. You can see where the handle and look will be installed on the doors. They each open from only one side. There is a groove that is cut down the center of the middle of the door that gives the appearance of French doors.
Mason was super excited about the window in his room.
Hannah Kate is looking out into the backyard from the French doors in the family room.This is the door that we installed especially for Seth's dad. He just couldn't stand the thought of walking "all the way" to the front door so we decided to have a friends' entry a little closer to the driveway, and this was the perfect place to put it. It opens into the mudroom.ELECTRICAL: At last count, Seth and his dad had run 2,500 feet of wire. But I've since lost count so it's actually more than that now.
PLUMBING: The tub for the master bath and shower/tub for the kids' bathroom were delivered this week. I assumed (and incorrectly so) that the guys who delivered the tubs would haul the one upstairs where it needed to go. So imagine my dismay when I arrived to find my husband and father-in-law lugging the thing up the stairs, which, by the way, have no railings. Yes, it made my heart hurt!And our tub . . . well . . . it's still in the box.
Some of the pipes have been roughed in during the past couple of days.MECHANICAL
The center 2-story section of the house will be stucco. The wings (master bedroom/bath and garage) will be brick. The wire mesh stuff has been stapled to the house where the stucco will go. So we're actually ready for the guys to finish the stucco, but it's our understanding that they can not do this until the next inspection is complete. This particular inspection requires all of the electrical, plumbing and mechanical work to be done. So we're thinking we're maybe a week and a half or so away from this point.The firestops were installed this past week, too. The pieces of wood that you see perpindicular to the studs are the firestops.
Depending on the weather this upcoming week . . . yet again more rain! . . . the soffit and facia boards will be installed and work will begin on the shingles. WHEW . . .

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Wow, you have really learned so much building jargon! I love reading all of the details and I LOVE the front doors -- what a find!