Friday, January 22, 2010

Upstairs . . . Downstairs . . .

Yet again . . . answered prayer! I thought we were going to lose Wednesday due to rain. But it rained early early and then stopped right around the time the guys started working. And then it didn't start raining again until 4:00 that afternoon . . . so they got to work all day! And the past couple of days have been absolutely GORGEOUS! Last week we were huddled around the fireplace trying to stay warm. Today we were playing outside wearing shorts and t-shirts! Anyway, I digress . . . As of this morning, this is what the house looked like:
I say this morning . . . because this afternoon when I went back, they had finished sheeting the roof on the front of the house over the garage (with the exception of the spot where the dormer will be), and they had started sheeting the back porch. It is almost completely covered now.

The day began early this morning with a phone call from the lumber and hardware store. They had a question about one of our windows. Once that was resolved, I asked if the windows had arrived yet. I picked them out about six weeks ago, and our builder told me he ordered them three weeks ago. They told me that not only were they in, but they were being delivered and installed today. That put a spring in my step for sure. I hadn't had time the past couple of days to go to the house so I wanted to get there as fast as I could to watch the progress.

As we arrived, I was disappointed before I even got to the driveway. I could already tell that windows were not being installed nor had they been delivered. But I did notice the nearly complete roof. So I hauled the kids out of the Tahoe, and we donned our rubber boots so we could make the trek through the mud and into our house. My disappointment immediately melted, and I could hardly contain my excitement . . . WE HAVE STAIRS!Last Friday our builder's brother was hard at work on our house. He had promised me they would finish the roof by the end of this week. They had already made significant progress at that point, and he asked me what I thought about it. So I was honest with him. I told him it was pretty exciting but what I really wanted more than anything else was stairs on the inside so we could get up to the second floor, and I asked him when that would be done. I think he was a little taken aback by my answer, but he took it in stride and said they planned to do the stairs this week. As of Tuesday, they were not done. I didn't have time to go to the house on Wednesday or Thursday. Again, I've never seen a more beautiful staircase in all my life!

And, don't worry, we have RULES about the stairs . . . they pretty much amount to Mason and Hannah Kate are not allowed to even look at the stairs unless Mason is holding Mommy's hand, and Hannah Kate is in Mommy's arms! We can't get the stair rails up too soon!

So . . . standing in the family room . . . this is what the stairs look like:

When you arrive at the stop of the stairs, you are in a large, open area that is going to be the playroom. The picture below was taken from the playroom and overlooking the family room.

This picture was taken from the stop of the stairs looking straight down.
This next picture was taken from the playroom (which is on the front of the house) and looking to the kids' bedrooms and bathroom. Mason's bedroom is on the left. The jack-n-jill bath is in the middle and Hannah Kate's bedroom is to the right. Mason is standing in the doorway to his room.And Hannah Kate is standing in the doorway to her room.
Last, but certainly not least, we embarked on yet another aspect of building a house . . . Seth's dad began installing the receptacle boxes today.

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