Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas

Like everyone else, we spent the last three weeks celebrating Christmas. There were lots of fun memories this year. And LOTS of pictures! It was impossible to decide which ones to post to the blog . . . they're all so cute . . . so I decided to make a video instead.

Pop and Mimi came for a visit the week before Christmas . . . and they pretty much brought Christmas with them! They gave Mason a new bike and Hannah Kate a Barbie trike. They also gave Hannah Kate a dress up box filled with lots of fun. And there were presents from MeMama, Uncle Rob and Aunt Kristi and Aunt Gail, too.

Mason was a wise man in our church's Christmas program. Actually, he almost ended up as an angel. He's very much into super-heroes these days. When Mrs. Carol was asking the children which nativity character they'd like to be, Mason told her he wanted to be Superman. He wanted to wear his cape. So I had a little chat with him . . . asked him if he saw Superman in his Bible when baby Jesus was born. No, he didn't. So I tried to explain to him that his options were pretty limited and did not include Superman, Spiderman or Batman. So then Mrs. Carol told him he should be an angel . . . since he wanted to fly and all . . . and he could wear angel wings. Now, I completely understand that angels are gender neutral. And the two named angels in the Bible, Michael and Gabriel, have names that are mostly associated with the male gender. HOWEVER. In most nativities, you see sweet little angel girls . . . not angel boys. So in my most convincing tone possible, I told Mason that he should be a wise man . . . I mean, who doesn't want to be a king?!? He reluctantly agreed. So as the evening approached, I began talking to Mason about his role as one of the wise men . . . and that's when he told me he wanted to be a shepherd! I told him he could be a shepherd next year. So then we got him dressed in his wise man outfit, which just so happened to be the one Seth wore when he was a little boy. Let's just say Mason still isn't that impressed with the wise men!

One evening Mason, Hannah Kate and I went Christmas caroling with Abbie's church. We visited many of the shut-ins in our community. I really think that was my favorite time this holiday season.

And then the big day came . . . lots of gifts and food and family. Be sure to click on the "play" button below to see our pictures!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, JESUS!

Tears are falling, hearts are breaking.
How we need to hear from God;
You've been promised; we've been waiting.
Welcome Holy Child.
Welcome Holy Child.
Hope that you don't mind our manger.
How I wish we would have known.
But long-awaited Holy Stranger
make Yourself at home;
Please make Yourself at home.
Bring Your peace into our violence.
Bid our hungry souls be filled.
Word now breaking Heaven's silence;
Welcome to our world.
Welcome to our world.
Fragile finger sent to heal us;
Tender brow prepared for thorn.
Tiny heart whose blood will save us;
Unto us is born.
Unto us is born.
So wrap our injured flesh around You.
Breathe our air and walk our sod.
Rob our sin and make us holy.
Perfect Son of God!
Perfect Son of God!
Welcome to our world!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Moving On Up

Even in spite of the rain, things are coming along . . . slowly . . . but we're moving on up now. The floor is in place for the second floor, and they began framing the walls today.
Mason was excited today when I told him the guy up top was working in his new room.
In the picture below, Mason's room is on the right. Behind his room is the play room. The area in the middle is the kids' bathroom. Hannah Kate's bedroom will be on the left. They hadn't started framing it yet when this picture was taken.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


This was a welcome sight for weary eyes today! It has been raining nearly everyday since Thanksgiving so they guys haven't been able to work on our house as much as they would like. Today was our first day without rain, and tomorrow is forecasted to be the same. But it looks like more rain will be headed our way on Friday. They got a lot of work done today. All of the walls are up on the first floor except for the exterior garage wall, exterior family room wall and wall between the kitchen and mudroom.
This is the hallway leading into the house from the garage. Once you go through the door, a half bath is on the right and then a pantry. The mudroom is on the left. The hall leads into the kitchen/breakfast area/family room.The pantry is on the left, and the half bath is on the right.I am standing in the formal dining room, which is on the front of the house, and looking into the kitchen and breakfast area.
I am standing on the back porch and looking straight through the breakfast area, kitchen and then dining room.This is the family room. Behind it is the master bathroom.This will undoubtedly become my most favorite room . . . my music room!This is the master bedroom with the bathroom just beyond.
Now I am turned around and facing the other way. I am standing in the master bathroom. The bathroom is in the shape of an L. I am standing in the crook of the L as I am taking this picture. On the left side of the picture is where the bathroom leads into my closet. Seth's closet is way over to the right. You can't see it in this picture. To the right in this picture is the master bedroom.I am standing in the hallway coming out of our bedroom. The stairs will eventually be in the center of this picture.I'm standing on the corner of the front porch. The music room is on the left side, and the foyer is towards the middle of the picture. The formal dining room is on the other side of the foyer.This is the master bedroom. I was standing on the front porch when I took this picture.
I took this picture while standing in the storage closet. The garage is to the left. And this is looking straight through to the other end of the house.This is a view from the driveway as you pull up to the side of the house.And this is the house as you see it from the entrance to the driveway. I'm actually in the driveway. The tracks you see aren't the drive; they were made by the delivery truck that brought another load of lumber today.

I talked to our builder this afternoon, and he told me to go ahead and pick out the windows and doors. I can't wait to see what they get done tomorrow!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Little Lady's Birthday Party

Well, first of all, I have a confession to make. I have never enjoyed my children's birthday parties. Really. I have not. I usually spend so much time making sure everything is "perfect" that I'm just pooped out by the time the event happens . . . and then I just get so frustrated that this or that didn't go the way I thought it would . . . or I didn't get enough pictures . . . or so-in-so didn't come . . . I mean, it's just ridiculous. So I decided that I was going to TRY not to put so much pressure on myself when it came to planning Hannah Kate's 2nd birthday party. All I really wanted was to have a little fun. And, of course, find a cute outfit to go along with the ladybug theme. And find the "perfect" invitations. And plan a really yummy menu. Well, you see where I'm going with this.

I did find the "perfect" invitation. And I did find the cutest outfit! Hannah Kate wore a red and black tutu and ladybug wings. I appliqued a red shirt for her to wear and bought her a pair of black, sparkley shoes.My plan was to let the kids play outside most of the time and then come inside for presents and cake. After all, it's not like it really gets very cold in Louisiana. I mean, I remember Christmases during the past few years that were warm enough for shorts. Besides, it NEVER snows in south Louisiana. But it decided to snow the night before the party! It barely stuck, but it was enough to make a big, fat mess, along with all of the non-stop rain we've been having. I figured out a couple of days before the party that we probably wouldn't be able to go outside like I planned. And then I REALLY started getting nervous. That meant we would be inside. What in the world would we do?!? I'd never planned party games for birthday parties in the past, and I really didn't want to go there. After all, something would happen, and it wouldn't go like it was "supposed to." Or the kids would hate it. I mean, REALLY. Where do I come up with this stuff?!? It's a party for a TWO YEAR OLD. And kids really are quite easy to please.

So with the help of 30 feet of bulletin board paper and ladybug cutouts, I "transformed" MawMaw's dining room into Hannah Kate's garden. I put white paper along the bottom half of one of the walls so the children could draw their own ladybugs and flowers and trees. Or whatever else they decided to draw!I printed some ladybug coloring pages from the internet for the children to color. I found some ladybug stickers that they could decorate their coloring pages with. And I cut a ladybug and some spots out of posterboard for "The Ladybug Lost Her Spots" (you know, an adaptation of pin-the-tail-in-the-donkey). It really was a lot fun watching the kids play this game. Abbie tried to pin her spot to Cole's forehead! I'm not so sure the ladybug found very many of her spots either!Instead of a cake, I decided to have cupcakes. They were topped with red icing, and I put black M&Ms on the tops of them so they looked like ladybugs all over the table.Gavin kept going over to the table and snatching the M&Ms off the cupcakes so he could eat them!I stuck a couple of candles in one of the cupcakes so Hannah Kate could blow them out. She knew exactly what to do and was so cute blowing out her candles. And, yes, I was very disappointed when the pictures of her blowing out her candles were fuzzy. I mean, that was one of the cutest moments of the whole thing! But . . . I need to let it go. I'm sure they have a support group or some kind of program for folks like me. Anyway. Another favorite of mine was the treat for the children. Usually I fill a pinata with candy, and they whack it until it breaks. Then they gather up as much candy as they can and take it home with them. I decided not to do that this time. Instead, I ordered LIVE ladybugs off the internet! I got a bag of 1,500. This is what they looked like when they came.

I divided them up into small mason jars and then wrapped the jars with ribbon. Each child took home a jar of ladybugs! You can see the jars lined up on the back of the food table in the pictures above.

Hannah Kate loves everyone who came to her party, but one of her favorites is Mrs. Bonnie. Mrs. Bonnie is her Sunday School teacher, and Hannah Kate just loves her to pieces! She asks numerous times during the week to go "see Mrs. Bonnie."
And . . . what's a party without PRESENTS?!? Baby dolls and dress up clothes and high heel shoes and wands and books and puzzles and clothes and My Little Ponies and purses . . . that's what little girls' birthday presents are made of!

Just in case you're wondering . . . I'm sure you're just DYING to know . . . whether or not I had fun at Hannah Kate's party . . . well . . . I DID!

But I do have to admit I'm worried about one thing . . . how will I ever top this one?!? I have seven months to think about it. July will be here before I know it . . .