Wednesday, December 09, 2009


This was a welcome sight for weary eyes today! It has been raining nearly everyday since Thanksgiving so they guys haven't been able to work on our house as much as they would like. Today was our first day without rain, and tomorrow is forecasted to be the same. But it looks like more rain will be headed our way on Friday. They got a lot of work done today. All of the walls are up on the first floor except for the exterior garage wall, exterior family room wall and wall between the kitchen and mudroom.
This is the hallway leading into the house from the garage. Once you go through the door, a half bath is on the right and then a pantry. The mudroom is on the left. The hall leads into the kitchen/breakfast area/family room.The pantry is on the left, and the half bath is on the right.I am standing in the formal dining room, which is on the front of the house, and looking into the kitchen and breakfast area.
I am standing on the back porch and looking straight through the breakfast area, kitchen and then dining room.This is the family room. Behind it is the master bathroom.This will undoubtedly become my most favorite room . . . my music room!This is the master bedroom with the bathroom just beyond.
Now I am turned around and facing the other way. I am standing in the master bathroom. The bathroom is in the shape of an L. I am standing in the crook of the L as I am taking this picture. On the left side of the picture is where the bathroom leads into my closet. Seth's closet is way over to the right. You can't see it in this picture. To the right in this picture is the master bedroom.I am standing in the hallway coming out of our bedroom. The stairs will eventually be in the center of this picture.I'm standing on the corner of the front porch. The music room is on the left side, and the foyer is towards the middle of the picture. The formal dining room is on the other side of the foyer.This is the master bedroom. I was standing on the front porch when I took this picture.
I took this picture while standing in the storage closet. The garage is to the left. And this is looking straight through to the other end of the house.This is a view from the driveway as you pull up to the side of the house.And this is the house as you see it from the entrance to the driveway. I'm actually in the driveway. The tracks you see aren't the drive; they were made by the delivery truck that brought another load of lumber today.

I talked to our builder this afternoon, and he told me to go ahead and pick out the windows and doors. I can't wait to see what they get done tomorrow!

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