Friday, November 20, 2009

The wait is over!

FINALLY . . . the day we've been waiting for! We broke ground on our new house last Thursday, November 12. The "original" plan was that we would be moving into our new house right about now . . . not just getting started with construction. But God had somewhat of a different plan, and He's always right on time. In a week's time, the form was built, plumbing laid, footings dug and visqueen laid. The concrete will be poured on Tuesday. We actually won't be here for that, as we'll be in Georgia for Thanksgiving. It will be exciting to come back and see what progress has been made while we were gone. The master bedroom and bath is on the far left side. The middle section is the family room, music room, kitchen and formal dining room. The carport, mudroom, pantry and a half bath are on the right side. Mason and Hannah Kate's bedrooms will be upstairs (just in case you were wondering). Seth is walking in the garage. There is a storage room to his right.You're looking at the area for the foyer, family room, music room, kitchen and formal dining room.The pipes you see coming up out of the ground are for the upstairs bathroom. The guys are plumbing the master bathroom. The guys are working in the area of the master bathroom. The pipes then run the length of the house to the kitchen, half bath and mudroom.These guys had a JOB. They dug out around the form using only their shovels. There were seven of them working, and it took a day and a half.Mason, in the meantime, was playing in a big mound of dirt on the back of our property. He loves "going to the lot" as he calls it.
We had to lay some conduit prior to the slab being poured so we can run electrical to the kitchen island and floor receptacles in the family room. Seth's dad was in charge of this little project. Mason thought he was hot stuff walking around with his Dr. Pepper in hand. And then he got a little aggravated with me because I didn't inform him that he needed to bring his shovel so he could help the guys out who were digging the footings. Finally he just started playing in the ditches. Cute boy!Yesterday the guys began final preparations for the slab to be poured. Visqueen covers the ground now. We passed inspection this morning so now we're looking forward to Tuesday.

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The Applings said...

Great job on the commentary...I can almost see your new house standing! :) I know you are thrilled!