Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Abbie decided to have a Fashion Show in celebration of her 7th birthday. She began planning her party several months ago. She asked me to applique a shirt for her to wear. I let her look through my appliques, and she chose to have a purse on her shirt. She picked out zebra fabric for the design. And, of course, Hannah Kate needed a matching pillowcase dress to wear to the party!

The party began with hair and make-up appointments for Abbie and all of her girlfriends.Once all of the fashionistas were dressed to impress, they each took the runway and then posed for a picture. At this point, Hannah Kate lost interest, but she did stand with Abbie long enough for a picture. Sort of.And then it was time for Abbie to open her presents. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she told me a trampoline. Well, she had to settle for an LSU pillowcase dress sewn and monogrammed by yours truly. But I'm pretty sure she liked it.Happy birthday to you . . . Happy birthday DEAR ABBIE!And, yes, Mason was in attendance for the Fashion Show, but he and Braylon (Abbie's other boy cousin) stayed far away from the make-up and hairspray. I snapped this picture earlier in the day before we headed to the party. Is he not the most handsome little guy you've ever laid eyes on?!? He is just AWESOME!

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The Applings said...

Too cute! Love the bday party theme. And I think I need a longsleeve tee to match Miss Abbie's :) The dress and shirt were both adorable...looks like you are putting your machine/hobby to good use!