Thursday, August 20, 2009

Her First Haircut

This morning Mason had an appointment for a much needed haircut. That was my intention . . . get Mason's hair cut. I actually had no intention of ever cutting Hannah Kate's hair for a very long time. There are several reasons for my madness. First of all, I love her curls. I keep hoping she will have beautiful, curly hair. But I've been thinking lately that perhaps she doesn't have curly hair after all, only those sweet little baby curls that won't come back once they are cut. Or at least that's what happened to Mason's curls. Second of all, I want her to have long hair. But I've been frustrated with it lately. It seems like it isn't growing at all, especially the top. I knew even the slightest trim would give her the appearance of bangs, which, again, I do not want her to have. So I shared all of my motherly concerns with Joni, the sweet girl who cuts our hair. She encouraged me to give Hannah Kate a little snip here and there to trim off the longest ends. She also said it would help to trim the back just a bit so the front can begin to catch up with it, thus giving the style I am looking for. And then Joni volunteered to do it for me. So I sat in the chair with Hannah Kate in my lap while Joni trimmed her hair. We saved the curls, of course. And I was very happy with the end result. Not only that, but Joni gave Hannah Kate a special certificate for being such a big girl while getting her first haircut.

I "just so happened" to have my camera in my purse (I mean, doesn't every Mommy carry her camera with her EVERYWHERE she goes . . . you know, just in case) so I snapped a few pics of Hannah Kate after her haircut. I didn't get any while Joni was cutting her hair since she was sitting in my lap.

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