Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Dentist

Mason experienced another "first" this week . . . his first trip to the dentist! Let me tell you . . . I just was not looking forward to this. I really didn't know what to expect. I was hoping for the best (whatever that is) but prepared for the worst (oh yes, it had already played out in my mind many times leading up to Mason's dental appointment). I really didn't talk very much to him about the dentist . . . I just told him that the dentist looks in your mouth and tickles your teeth. I even waited until the day before his appointment to even tell him about it.

I took him to a Pediatric Dentist . . . so he was immediately impressed right when we walked into the office. Let's just say it was very kid friendly! When they called Mason's name, the first thing he got to do was pick out his very own toothbrush. He chose a Cars toothbrush. He thought this was way cool. And, of course, Hannah Kate had to get in on the action, too, so she came home with a Winnie the Pooh toothbrush.
Then the hygienist led Mason back to the dentist's chair. He kicked his flip flops off and hopped right up, making himself at home . . .
At this point, Mason is still super excited about that Cars toothbrush . . . and the baggie of toothpaste and floss he had just been given.
But when the hygienist let the back of the chair down, Mason wasn't too sure about this. I was expecting him to get up and run out the back door at any given moment.
But he didn't run . . . he actually let the hygienist floss his teeth! So far so good . . .
So now I'm expecting him to get up and run . . . but he didn't! He let her clean his teeth! Of course, she preceeded this exercise by explaining to him about the "Superman toothpaste" she was using . . .
The Superman toothpaste is still working . . . Mason is still in the chair! He's not running, and he's definitely not screaming.
So as we were leaving, I asked Mason to show me his pearly whites for one final photograph. And this is what I got.

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