Monday, April 13, 2009

The Incredible, Edible Egg

I'm rather amazed at all the ways we find to incorporate eggs into Easter. First of all, there is the Easter egg hunt.
A good Easter egg hunt requires good baskets, preferable those that are monogrammed with your name.
Finally . . . they're both standing still, holding their baskets, looking at the camera, nearly smiling . . . but only for a moment.
Thank you, CINDY, for Hannah Kate's oh-so-cute Easter egg hunt outfit!
Now that's my boy . . . posing with his basket.
Hannah Kate found her first ever Easter egg . . . the PRIZE egg!
So, as do most 16-month olds, Hannah Kate dropped her basket but absolutely refused to let go of her egg. And she wasn't interested in finding anymore eggs, either!
Well, what can I say? This is definitely a Mason-moment. Oh, and his eggs (all 2 of them!) kept falling out of the basket so he kept bending down to pick them up, all the while thinking he'd filled up his basket . . . and then wanted to know later where all of his eggs were. I told him that he kept dropping the same 2 and picking them up again.
This was Hannah Kate's prize for finding the prize egg.

Well, not only do we hunt eggs . . . we dye them and decorate them, too!
Orange, blue, purple, green, red and yellow . . .
Hannah Kate was quite fascinated . . .
I wish I knew what Hannah Kate was thinking!
The red one was her favorite.
I promise she was not lapping the egg dye!
Mason is going in after an egg . . . Got it . . . almost!
The incredible, edible . . . DYED! . . . egg.

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