Saturday, August 16, 2008

Days In Our Lives

After all of the excitement and busy-ness of July, I was looking forward to a quiet August at home. We've been home, but it hasn't exactly been very quiet. Here's a look at what (or rather WHO) has been keeping us busy.

We took a trip to the zoo with our playgroup. Okay, so we actually went in July, but I forgot to post the pictures! Mason loves going to the zoo. I think we're going to have to get a season pass.Seth likes to do things rather extravagantly, hense the reason I don't send him to the grocery store anymore. He can't just "stick to the list." One night he decided to give Mason a bath in our garden tub. He added way too much bubble bath and then turned on the jets. Afterwards, he wanted to know how to get rid of all the bubbles. I told him he was on his own.
This, on the other hand, is Hannah Kate's bubble bath. I guess it rather pales in comparison.
Seth's newest toy is the Orion Cooker. It's an outdoor convection cooker that cooks big hunks of meat quickly. His first masterpiece was a Boston butt. We ended up eating BBQ sandwiches and pulled pork for three days. And I should also mention that we had to buy THREE different "gourmet" BBQ sauces at the grocery store to accompany the meat. The KC Masterpiece in the frig just wasn't good enough. Have I mentioned my husband is a bit extravagant?!?
Mason was the proud recipient of a two-wheeled bike with training wheels from his cousin Beau. We love hand-me-downs! He's doing a great job of learning how to ride it. The other day he was riding and went off the driveway into the grass. He hit a low spot and turned too sharply so he fell over to the side. I later heard him tell his MawMaw on the phone, "Yeah, I bucked off in the grass." BUCKED OFF . . . that's my cowboy!
We all have a bad hair day every once in a while! But I must say the most excitement comes from our little Hannah Kate. She's CRAWLING! Yep, just like that. It seems like it happened overnight. At first she would just scoot backwards. This lasted for about two weeks. Then she finally figured out how to get up on her knees and lift her tummy off the ground. It was slow going, and she creeped around for about a week.
Well, now there's no stopping her! That girl can go, and she can go fast. Her two favorite places are Mason's room and underneath the end table.
And, if that isn't enough, she's PULLING UP! Yes! That just happened all of a sudden out of the blue. I came around the corner one day, and she was standing up in front of the fireplace. She was so proud of herself. The only thing is that she also likes to let go, but she forgets she can't stand on her own yet so we've had several tumbles this week.

We are leaving on Monday for a trip to Georgia and then we have to make a quick trip to Louisiana after that so we'll be traveling a lot the next week or so. Who knows . . . by the time I'm able to post again, Hannah Kate may be walking! I hope not . . . !!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Precious Portraits

I can't wait for you to see these pictures . . . !

When we had VBS at our church, there was a Teacher Appreciation Room that we could visit while our kids were going through the different rotations. It was a great time to fellowship with the other teachers and VBS workers and grab a bite to eat. There were also door prizes and give-aways each day. On Tuesday, there was a vase full of M&Ms. Yep, you guessed it . . . we each had to make a guess as to how many M&Ms were in the vase, and the person closest to the correct number without going over was to win a prize. But we didn't know what the prize was. Well, first of all, I NEVER win anything. Like, never! And second of all, I'm always way off on those types of guessing games. Besides, there were probably 75 people who were guessing how many M&Ms were in the vase so my chances were looking slimmer by the second. But I made a guess anyway . . . 753 to be exact. And, guess what . . . I WON! So what did I win . . . well, it definitely wasn't a cheesy mug . . . it was a FREE PHOTO SHOOT with a photographer who goes to our church!!! I mean, I just felt like heaven opened up and rained down the greatest blessings on me when I found out what I'd won!!! You know what I'm talking about if you have a 3 year old or 8 month old . . . or if you've already seen how stinkin' cute my babies are!!!

So last Monday we went and spent 30 minutes with the photographer (who also just so happens to be one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet and works with me in the children's ministry!), and she captured so many wonderful moments with Mason and Hannah Kate that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to decide which ones are the best. Prior to the shoot, Amy talked with me to find out what I was expecting and what I wanted. I told her it was pretty simple - 1 good picture of Mason, 1 good picture of Hannah Kate and 1 good picture of them together. So that makes, like, 3 pictures. Well, she gave me 150! I mean, I have 150 shots to choose from . . . and they're all so wonderful. I managed to narrow the list down to nearly 50 that are my favorites. Only 50 . . .

And I want to thank my sweet friend, Amy Bates (Amy Bates Photography), for freely giving us her time and energy as she took these portraits (did I mention this was FREE?!?). She is a joy, and her work is absolutely gorgeous. She is also the mommy of two precious boys, Ellis and Owen. She truly captured the essence of Mason and Hannah Kate. If you would like for Amy to capture your sweeties on camera, you can contact her at And if you don't live in Mississippi, boo hoo for you!

Mimi and MawMaw . . . I dare you to pick one . . . just one . . . !!! Okay, don't worry . . . you'll get more than one!