Sunday, June 29, 2008

The REAL Amazing Race

We had an awesome week of Vacation Bible School at our church! Our theme was "The REAL Amazing Race." Our children's minister wrote the entire curriculum, songs and pretty much everything else for VBS. It was so much fun. Our theme was based off the popular TV series, and each day we traveled to an exciting destination to learn how we can serve others and put Jesus first in our lives. We gathered each morning for a large group worship service full of singing, dancing, games and skits. The decorations were pretty cool . . . the kids couldn't believe a REAL plane and REAL 4-wheelers were on the stage.I had the pleasure of teaching the 2nd graders. I had 23 amazing children in my class. They were so well-behaved, respectful and enthusiastic about learning everything God wanted to teach them during the week. Every morning after large group worship, we gathered together underneath the "tree branches" in our backyard clubhouse for a Bible story and other activities. We then headed off to recreation, snack time, music and crafts.Mason had a blast! He loves going to church anyway so it was a real treat to go five days in a row. He kept talking all week about playing with the "kids," as if he isn't a kid himself. He came home each day with a craft he had done. He also participated in a missions project and picked out some of his many clothes to donate to children who don't have as much. His teachers were Mrs. Jenni, Miss Claudia (pictured with him) and Mrs. Dawn.Hannah Kate enjoyed VBS, too. She even came home with a craft each day. Her sweet teachers were Mrs. Patti (pictured with her) and Mrs. Katie.

As for me . . . well, I think I still have a bit of a VBS hangover! And to think we'll be doing it all over again in a few short weeks . . .

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Dad, if all the fathers
had gathered in a line,
and God told me to pick,
I'd still choose you to be mine.
Dad, you are my hero,
my role model in all you do.
So Dad, if I could pick again,
you know I'd still pick you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mason's Hats

Have I mentioned how much Mason loves to wear hats and caps? Well, he does. And it seems he will make a hat from almost anything these days. Don't worry . . . this one didn't leave the house! He'll even share his cap with his sister sometimes. Obviously she likes wearing caps, too. The other day, Mason came to me and told me he needed to go to the potty. That meant he had already pottied in his pull-up. So I told him to go ahead to the bathroom and that I would be there in a minute. When I walked around the corner, he had already retrieved a clean pull-up and was wearing it on his head. He said, "Look Mommy . . . I have a new hat!"

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Six Months Old

Hannah Katherine is six months old today!