Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fall Festival

Mason had a great time at the Fall Festival at our church on Friday night! We had a special toddler area for the little ones, and he just played and played. He liked the slide, but his favorite part was holding on at the top like a monkey before actually sliding down! I could hardly keep him away from the duck pond. I had to keep my eye on him because I know he thought more than once about going head-first into the water. His Daddy helped him throw softballs at the "Krazy Cats." He was fascinated by the clown and her bubbles, but he didn't understand why they kept disappearing.

Uncle Rob and Aunt Kristi Get Married!

We had been waiting for this day for what seemed like forever . . . Uncle Rob and Aunt Kristi got married on October 14. It was a beautiful wedding on a beautiful day. Mason was very handsome in his brown courderoy longall and brown saddle oxfords. We sure did take lots of pictures that day. And by the time we had the chance to take Mason's picture with his new aunt, he wasn't too interested. For some reason, he didn't seem to like her big, beautiful white princess dress! But as soon as she changed clothes, she was his best friend again.

Sweater Vest

It's not often in Louisiana that a cute little boy has the opportunity to wear a cute little sweater vest. But Mason got to wear one the night of Uncle Rob and Aunt Kristi's rehearsal dinner in Georgia.

Several people have said that Mason looks like his Pop (my dad). I see so much of Seth and the Bayham features in him that I haven't really made that connection (althought I will say he has my big eyes). In this picture of Mason, his Daddy, and his Pop . . . you decide!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mason Goes to the Fair

When we were in Georgia, Mason's Pop insisted on taking him to the Georgia National Fair. Boy, did he have a BIG time!

Mason enjoyed petting the rabbits. He had fun in the petting zoo, too. He got up close and personal with sheep, goats, donkeys, camels, yaks, deer, and several other animals.

Mason loves ducks! His first word (besides da-da) was duck, and he plays with his rubber duckies every night during bath time. So of course he had to play the "pick up ducks" game. He won a stuffed dolphin.

I wasn't sure whether or not Mason would actually ride a pony, but he did! And I think he really liked it. This pony's name was Maggie.

You can't go to the fair without riding the carousel! So before we went home, Pop took Mason for a ride. I think he liked the real pony better!

Mason Meets Caroline

Mason and I finally got to meet Caroline! She is as sweet and content as her Mommy says she is. At 5 1/2 weeks, she really couldn't play very much, but Mason enjoyed rocking her while she was in her infant carrier. We enjoyed our visit with Barbara and Caroline so much! We ate a picnic lunch in the park, and on the way home, Mason and Caroline both fell asleep.

Corn Maze

During our last trip to Georgia, we went to the Connell Farms Amazing Circles Corn Maze. Mason had a great time playing with his little cousins and enjoyed walking through the maze. Okay, so we didn't walk all the way through from beginning to end, but it was fun anyway!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


As a parent, I realize I am supposed to train, discipline, and teach my child. Some days I feel like he is teaching me much more than I am teaching him. The most important thing I have learned is that I don't know as much as I thought I knew! And just when I think I have it figured out, I need to think again! I have also learned to have much more grace and compassion for other parents and not be so quick to judge their parenting skills. For example, my personal experience has taught me that I should no longer assume that a parent is allowing their child to be a picky eater and that it is a high possibility that the parent has exhausted the advice of books, other moms, and the pediatrician in attempts to get their child to eat something besides yogert, string cheese, and fish sticks (Mason's personal favorites - most of the time or when he will actually eat).

If you haven't heard our story, you have probably just figured out that our Mason is a very selective eater and has quite a sensitive palette. That being said, I have learned that it is okay if he sits down to a meal and later gets up without having eaten anything. I have also learned that it is not necessary for me to buy Happy Meals, kids meals, or chicken nuggets. For now we can still go out to eat without the extra expense of a meal for Mason!

Another thing I have learned is that not all kids like macaroni and cheese. Last night we sat down to a meal of spaghetti. I put some spaghetti noodles in Mason's bowl and set the bowl on his high chair. I mostly did this "just for kicks." Mason has never eaten pasta noodles of any kind. I didn't expect him to eat them this time either, but I thought I'd try again anyway. His very first reaction was to take the bowl of noodles and dump them out on his head. I know I wasn't supposed to do this, but I laughed. And then I took a picture. It was only after that that I let him know he wasn't supposed to do that with his food.

He sat in his high chair and played with the noodles for awhile. He didn't put them on his head anymore, but he didn't throw them on the floor either (that's another thing we've been working on). And then he finally started eating them. I had not cut them up into bite-size pieces because I hadn't expected him to eat them to begin with, but he managed to figure it out anyway.