Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mason Mozart

Mason loves music! He "sings along" with the radio in the car. He's captivated by the music on the Baby Einstein DVDs. When he's upset, I'll sing Skin-a-ma-rin-ki-din-ki-dink to him, and he calms down. And now he has discovered my piano! In his explorations of pulling up on EVERYTHING in sight, he started pulling up on my piano bench. Anytime he pulls up on something, he reaches his hands as high above his head as they will go, and his fingers search for anything they can grasp on to. I usually leave my piano bench out, but I had slid it all the way underneath the piano when I was mopping the other day. So he was able to be close enough to the piano for his fingers to reach up and find the keys. He loves to stand there and listen to himself make music. Today I sat him on the piano bench to see what he would do, and he started playing away. He doesn't bang - he just tinkles with the keys. Looks like I'm going to have to get that baby grand I've always wanted!

Disclaimer: Please note that Mason's mommy did not coerce, force, or even encourage Mason to play the piano. He is doing it of his own free will. She is, however, very excited about Mason's obvious love for music and the piano!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mason's New Wheels

Last week we went shopping with the Easter money Mason received from his PawPaw, MawMaw, and MawMaw Mac. We came home with a car for outside and a John Deere tractor riding toy for inside.

Mason loves his new wheels! His favorite is the car. When I push him up and down our street, he waves to all of the houses as we pass by them. He also likes to make little "motor" noises. I'm not really sure where he got that from. I guess it's something that all little boys do.

His tractor is really neat. It came with four animals - a cow, horse, sheep, and pig. Most of the time they just end up in his mouth. But you can also snap them into a special place underneath the seat and to hear the animal noises each one makes. Mason likes the horn. It makes a big, tractor horn sound, and it also makes the sound of the tractor engine starting and sings "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."

Mason is ALMOST walking/running. He is so close. He can walk and even run using his walk-behind toys without our help. He can also walk between the love seat, sofa, and chair in our living room. But where he can't get to on his feet, he crawls to and fast! He talks constantly, but the words we can understand are "eat," "light," "hey," and "daddy." I can hardly believe that in less than two months, he will celebrate his 1st birthday. It just seems like he should still be a little baby!