Saturday, August 29, 2009

Amen for Soccer

We registered Mason to play soccer this fall. He is so excited! His first practice was last Monday. Since Abbie is not playing soccer this time around, we are borrowing her shin guards. She brought them over last Sunday so Mason would have them for his first practice. He slept in his shin guards that night. And Monday morning, he ended his blessing over breakfast by saying, "Amen for soccer." Nice.
There are 8 kids on Mason's team. During their first practice, they basically just kicked the ball up and down the field and later played keep-away with Coach John. Seth and I realized that Mason has to learn two rather simple truths:
1. Don't touch the ball with your hands.
2. LISTEN to Coach John, and DO what he says.
Once he gets this down, he'll be good to go. We had the best time watching our little guy run up and down that soccer field. He has practice on Mondays, and his first game will be on September 19. They actually don't even keep score for this age group so it's really just more for fun than anything else.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Her First Haircut

This morning Mason had an appointment for a much needed haircut. That was my intention . . . get Mason's hair cut. I actually had no intention of ever cutting Hannah Kate's hair for a very long time. There are several reasons for my madness. First of all, I love her curls. I keep hoping she will have beautiful, curly hair. But I've been thinking lately that perhaps she doesn't have curly hair after all, only those sweet little baby curls that won't come back once they are cut. Or at least that's what happened to Mason's curls. Second of all, I want her to have long hair. But I've been frustrated with it lately. It seems like it isn't growing at all, especially the top. I knew even the slightest trim would give her the appearance of bangs, which, again, I do not want her to have. So I shared all of my motherly concerns with Joni, the sweet girl who cuts our hair. She encouraged me to give Hannah Kate a little snip here and there to trim off the longest ends. She also said it would help to trim the back just a bit so the front can begin to catch up with it, thus giving the style I am looking for. And then Joni volunteered to do it for me. So I sat in the chair with Hannah Kate in my lap while Joni trimmed her hair. We saved the curls, of course. And I was very happy with the end result. Not only that, but Joni gave Hannah Kate a special certificate for being such a big girl while getting her first haircut.

I "just so happened" to have my camera in my purse (I mean, doesn't every Mommy carry her camera with her EVERYWHERE she goes . . . you know, just in case) so I snapped a few pics of Hannah Kate after her haircut. I didn't get any while Joni was cutting her hair since she was sitting in my lap.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When Daddy's In Charge

When I came home from choir practice the other night, I had barely stepped through the back door before my baby girl came running and squealing around the corner. She was wearing her LSU cap . . . Mason's sunglasses . . . "earrings" . . . a pair of pajamas that are size 6-12 months (just in case you aren't keeping up, she is 20 months old now!) . . . Mason's flip flops (on the wrong feet, of course) . . . need I say more?!?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer's Out for School

Abbie goes back to school tomorrow. And, believe me, no one is more disappointed about this than Mason and Hannah Kate! I'm not really sure what heralds the end of summer . . . the first day of school or Labor Day. I tend to think the first day of school. So today, the "last day of summer," was spent out at the pool with Abbie.

Saturday, August 08, 2009


The Pennington Balloon Championship (hot air balloon, that is) is held in Baton Rouge every August. Although I've been living here since 2000 (minus the almost two years in MS), I'd never been. But this year I really wanted to take Mason and Hannah Kate.

Each ballooner was giving away cards with a picture of his balloon on it so Mason went around and collected several of them. Yes, this is an LSU cap . . . but she's still stinkin cute regardless!There was a children's village . . . face painting, putt putt golf, water balloons, nearly 10 huge inflatables and just all kinds of fun stuff for the kiddos. Mason's absolute favorite was the huge inflatable slide.As the sun went down, there was scheduled to be a mass ascension of all of the balloons, but a thunderstorm to the west brought a contrary wind that made it too dangerous for the balloons to take off. That was a bit disappointing, but they did blow up all of the balloons so we could see what they looked like.If you look really hard, you can see Mason, Seth and Hannah Kate in the bottom right corner of the picture below.What can I say? It's August. It's HOT.It was quite a site to see all of the balloons blown up.My favorite part was the balloon glow. It was so pretty seeing all of the balloons lit up at dark.Mason and Hannah Kate, of course, had to have a souvenir so we got them their very own hot air balloon.The night ended with fireworks. It was a fabulous event, and we'll definitely go back again next year. Oh, and did I mention it was free?!? All of it . . . children's village, parking, admission . . . FREE!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hannah Kate vs. The Lipstick

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

All Aboard!

We climbed aboard the Boomerang Express for an adventure through the land down under during Vacation Bible School. Mason and Hannah Kate absolutely loved it!
Mason really enjoyed his VBS class. They had a lot of fun with Mrs. Tracy, Mrs. April and Mrs. Vickie.Hannah Kate enjoyed her class, too. She made a visor with Mrs. Judy (her teacher . . . not Seth's mom) and Gavin the first day.Again this year I taught the music rotation. I had four classes. I also taught the youth girls' Bible study. These girls have my heart . . . love them dearly.On Thursday night we hosted Family Night for all of the kids and their families. As I was leading the kids in one of their songs, Mason was . . . well, you'll see. I had no idea he was sprawled out in the center aisle until I saw this picture afterwards.At the end of the week . . . well, we were pooped!

But I also know that we can't wait to do it all over again next year!