Thursday, April 12, 2007


We spent a very chilly Easter weekend in Grosse Tete. Yes, even in Louisiana, it was cold!

Mason and Abbie went to an Easter egg hunt together. It's something when Mason is wearing a sweat shirt that says, "Brrr!" while hunting Easter eggs.
Earlier in the day, Seth took Mason outside to "practice" hunting eggs. When he got to church for the egg hunt, he was ready!
After a while, Mason wasn't too interested in finding eggs anymore. He was only interested in picking the clover flowers!
Mason's Easter basket was full on Easter Sunday morning. He got markers, fingerpaint, crayons, coloring books, sidewalk chalk, and peeps. And the outfit . . . well, it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but it was the best we could do since the weather was so cold. He was a handsome little fellow, if I might say so myself.
Mason couldn't wait to color in his new coloring book with Elmo on the front.

Monday, April 09, 2007

All About Mason

I can hardly believe how much Mason has grown during the past couple of months. His vocabulary is expanding on a daily basis. He always surprises me with new words he's learned and new pictures he can identify in his books. He is also beginning to talk in sentences now. Of course, they aren't complex by any stretch of the imagination and are often lacking in irregular verbs or prepositional phrases, but it is so fascinating to me to watch and listen as he learns. His first sentence was, "Abbie school." When we were staying in Grosse Tete, he would ask for Abbie every morning when he woke up, and I would always tell him that she was at school (preschool). After two weeks, he finally understood and woke up one morning and said, "Abbie school." His favorite sentence begins with, "Mama, I need . . . " I usually don't quite understand what comes after that.
Mason likes to line his cars and trucks up in a row on my piano. I'm not sure what started this or what his fascination with it is.
Mason's Mimi gave him a pair of Crocs for his birthday last year. Although she got the smallest pair she could find, they were quite big for him. Now he can finally wear them, and he doesn't want to take them off! He even wears them with his pajamas. I think he likes them mostly because he can take them off and put them on by himself.
Mason loves shoes! He loves getting his foot measured and trying on new shoes at the store. He also loves to go in Daddy and Mommy's closet and try on our shoes. When I see him "walking in my shoes," it is a humble reminder that God has entrusted the little fellow to me.
Mason loves to play outside so that's where we've been spending a lot of our time these days. It has been unusually warm (until recently) so Mason had the best time playing in the sprinkler one afternoon. As you can see, he also likes to play with sticks.
Mason loves anything with wheels. One of his favorite things to do when we're outside is go for a ride in his wagon so we spend a lot of time cruising the neighborhood.
Mason has become quite the little poser. He is beginning to understand what it means to have his picture taken. When I ask him to stand still and smile so I can take his picture, this is what he does.