Monday, June 26, 2006

Big Steps

Mason took his first steps by himself on his 11-month birthday. His Mimi and Aunt Harriette were there for the big event, too. I thought he'd be running around by now - it's 2 weeks later - but he still holds on to the comfort of his John Deere tractor to get him where he wants to go. He's also eating table food now. Of course, he doesn't always eat what is offered to him, but we've made great progress. He can say light, duck, dog, I did it, and I love you. Okay, so maybe his mommy understands him more than anyone else.

He had his first haircut a couple of days ago. We are going to have his picture made in two weeks, and I told Seth I wasn't sure if I should comb his hair straight or leave it curly for his pictures. There were some hairs that were hanging really long over his ears so Seth said we should at least cut those. And he did. And then he kept on cutting. I thought he was only supposed to "even up" the ends, but all of the cute little baby curls are now gone (yes, I saved them). His little haircut really is cute; it just reminds me that he isn't a little baby anymore.

I can not believe we will be celebrating his 1st birthday in just two weeks. It seems like only yesterday . . .

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cool Dude

It has been said that "a picture says a thousand words." So I'll just let the picture do the talking this time!